Djibouti to become 69th ICGEB Member State

ICGEB is pleased to announce that on 6 April 2024, the Government of Djibouti will accede to the ICGEB Statutes.

In March 2024, the Government of Djibouti deposited its instrument of accession with the Secretary-General of the United Nations . The Statutes will enter into force on 6 April 2024 in accordance with article 21 (2), and Djibouti become the 69th Member State of the ICGEB and the 24th African nation to join the Organisation.

The accession will be formally announced at the forthcoming session of the ICGEB Board of Governors in May 2024. Collaboration and discussions regarding membership have been ongoing in recent years, in particular through the BIOTECHNET project, funded by Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, to enhance biotechnology know-how in the Horn of Africa.

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