Workshop “Epigenetics of infectious and non-communicable diseases”

16 – 19 September, Cape Town, South Africa

Organiser: Frank Brombacher (ICGEB Cape Town, South Africa)
Co-organiser: Reto Guler (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Request for information directly to: [email protected]

Deadline for receipt of applications at ICGEB Cape Town: 16 April 2019

The ICGEB aims at strengthening the research capability of its Members through a comprehensive training programme and approach to promoting biotechnology internationally. The active participation of ICGEB Member States nationals in the ICGEB Meetings and Courses is therefore highly encouraged. For more information on the terms of participation and funding opportunities for this event please access the meeting website or contact the local organisers directly.

Manipulation of epigenetics as host-directed drug therapy for infectious and non-communicable diseases is an evolving field. This workshop will provide insights of methods and models to identify epigenetic targets such as DNA methylation, covalent modification of histones, and the expression of non-coding RNA with the aim to develop therapeutics targeting emerging infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases.


Chromatin architecture, structure and modifiers during diseases, RNA-based mechanisms including microRNA and long-non coding RNA, epigenetic alteration including DNA methylation and histone modifications, epigenetics of host-pathogen interactions, computational epigenetics, epigenetic biomarkers for infectious and non-communicable diseases, approaches to epigenetic therapies for infectious and non-communicable diseases, role of epigenetics in modulation of host immune responses in diseases.


Applications will be selected on the basis of academic merit which includes the quality of the abstract, CV and their research alignment to the meeting topics. Preferences will be given to PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. Successful applicants will be requested to hold a poster presentation. Registration is limited to 60 participants.


Registration fees, accommodation (twin share), breakfast and lunch will be covered for nationals of ICGEB Member States. Flight travel cost is NOT funded and remains the applicant’s responsibility.

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