Course “Control mechanisms of gene expression in eukaryotic model organisms”

22 – 26 October, Rosario, ARGENTINA

Organiser: Javier Palatnik (Instituto de Biología Molecular y Celular Rosario, IBR, CONICET, Rosario, Argentina)

In collaboration with:

Deadline for receipt of applications:
30 June 2019

The ICGEB aims at strengthening the research capability of its Members through a comprehensive training programme and approach to promoting biotechnology internationally. The active participation of ICGEB Member States nationals in the ICGEB Meetings and Courses is therefore highly encouraged. For more information on the terms of participation and funding opportunities for this event please contact the local organisers directly.

The course will focus on the molecular processes controlling growth and development in multicellular organisms with an emphasis on the mechanisms controlling gene expression. Theoretical and practical modules of the program will show modern views and approaches to developmental biology and span a variety of model organisms including plants and animals. The course will be held the week before the 2019 LASDB Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Transcriptional Control, Alternative Splicing, Enhancer-Promotor Crosstalk, Epigenetics, Chromatin Structure, Long non-conding RNAs, RNA Metabolism, MicroRNAs
Stem Cells, Cell Differentiation Organogenesis, Morphogenesis and Developmental Plasticity


Transgenesis, ZebrafishMicroinjection & Chick Electroporation, Gene Expression Analysis by Fluorescent Reporters, Quantitative Determination of Morphogenetic Gradients by Confocal Microscopy, Modulation of Gene Expression by MicroRNAs, Morpholinos and CRISPR/Cas9.


Michel Bagnat (Duke, USA), Luisa Cochella (IMP, Austria), Federico Ariel (IAL-UNL), Graciela Boccaccio (FIL), Nora Calcaterra (IBR-UNR), Juan Fernandino (IIB-INTECH), Nicolás Frankel (IFIByNE, UBA-CONICET), Micaela Godoy Herz (IFIBYNE), Daniel Gonzalez (IAL-UNL), Pablo Strobl-Mazzulla (IIB-INTECH), Andrea Weiner (IBR-UNR), Javier Palatnik* (CEI, IBR-UNR), Verónica Lombardo (CEI, IBR-UNR), Ramiro Rodriguez (CEI, IBR-UNR) and Carla Schommer (CEI, IBR-UNR).


Graduate students, postdocs and young investigators from the fields of cell and developmental biology, genetics and molecular biology. Admission is limited to 16-18 participants to allow comfortable access to the instruments. Participation is subject to selection from online applications. Selection will be based on applicants’ CV and motivation letter. Attention will be paid to gender and geographical balance, with preference given to applicants with an ICGEB Member State nationality.


No fee is charged to attend this Course. A limited number of grants will be available from nationals of ICGEB member States to cover shared accommodation and partial subsistence costs for the duration of the Course. Participants are expected to cover their own travel.

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