Celebrating South Africa Youth Day

On the occasion of South Africa’s Youth Day, 16 June 2022, we celebrate South Africa’s youth and the future scientists and researchers.

Youth, essential to nurturing a brighter and more equitable future, constitutes the backbone of the ICGEB’s training programmes that have been operating for over three decades.

ICGEB actively supports initiatives for youth and quality education for all, to develop skills and make higher education possible, in line with SDG4 of the UN Agenda2030 – Sustainable Development Goals.

Our South African Component in Cape Town continues to champion outreach and science communication activities, maintaining a strong link to schools in the greater Cape Town area by playing a special role in youth education development in science through the popular School Outreach Programme. ICGEB Outreach activities promote educational initiatives and represent an exciting opportunity to interact with people all over the world in state-of-the-art scientific environments. 

In addition, ICGEB continues to raise awareness for gender parity in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), and continues to run the ICGEB Alumni Girls in STEM campaign.

Today we celebrate South Africa’s youth and the many talented future scientists and researchers who will play a vital role in nurturing a brighter and more equitable future.