STDF project grants aim to strengthen SPS capacity in developing countries, in line with the beneficiary's priorities. STDF projects aim to address key food safety, animal and/or plant health issues that affect the ability of developing countries to gain and/or maintain market access.

STDF Funding for ICGEB Cape Town

The ICGEB Biopesticides Group headed by Dennis Ndolo, is the lead implementing partner for a project funded by the Standards and Trade Development Facility.

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Video-Based Training

The Biotech Development Unit has designed an online training module on the production process from the cell to the purified Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient. Access this rich eLearning platform.

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Covid19 testing in Delhi

ICGEB New Delhi steps up for COVID19 testing

To increase the testing capacity for COVID19, the Government of India has asked the research institutes associated with different Government agencies to step-up and contribute to COVID19 testing.

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ICGEB Fellowships supporting women in science

ICGEB Alumnae: where are they now?

Meet some of ICGEB’s prominent alumnae; where are they now? Our Fellowships have helped launch careers across Life Sciences industries throughout the world.

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Dr. Francesco Loffredo, Medical doctor and scientist - for ICGEB from the front line during Covid19

Dr. Francesco Loffredo, Molecular Cardiology Unit, on Covid-19 from the front line

This situation makes me appreciate both my role as a medical doctor, and as a scientist, but above all the mission and dedication to cure people.

Francesco Loffredo joined the ICGEB to head the Molecular Cardiology Group in 2015. He is currently both Visiting Scientist, Molecular Cardiology Unit, ICGEB, Trieste, and Professor of Applied Medical Sciences, Università della Campania “L. Vanvitelli”, Naples, Italy.

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International Summit on Women in STEM

January 2020: “Visualizing the Future: New Skylines” – the Department of Biotechnology DBT, Government of India and ICGEB New Delhi organised an International Summit on Women in STEM.

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Manu Prakash, inventor of Foldscope, with ICGEB Cape Town

On 26 February 2020, ICGEB’s Mariet Wium, Dada Temilola and Nathan Kieswetter joined Manu Prakash – inventor of Foldscope – and researchers from the University of Cape Town and North West University at Spine Road High School in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, to run a Foldscope workshop.

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Alumni logo

ICGEB Alumni come of age

Thirty years down the line, the success and impact of the ICGEB funding programmes – CRP Grants and Fellowships – are becoming increasingly apparent.

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