Viaggio all'interno del cervello umano

The ICGEB virtual reality experience

The ICGEB is developing a project to bring students and the broader public closer to science: a journey inside the human body through an immersive virtual reality experience.

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ICGEB alumna Tatiana Maria Lopera Mesa from Colombia attended the meeting in New Delhi on 25 November 2022.

ICGEB Alumni Meet in New Delhi

ICGEB is celebrating 35 years of quality education! ICGEB has contributed immensely in imparting knowledge to the developing world with the critical mass of well-trained researchers across diverse areas of science.

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Women in Science: promoting STEM with IILA

Together with IILA, ICGEB launches the second phase of the project promoting gender equality in STEM in Central America: stimulating scientific curiosity in girls and young women, through Foldscope workshops across seven SICA countries to take place during 2023.

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