Coronavirus lab research: finding a cure - corona virus blue model of COVID-19

ICGEB Activities in the Covid19 Crisis

Last December, no one thought that Covid19 would be a major global crisis. By late January however, the picture was beginning to change and ICGEB scientists had the foresight to recognise the danger looming and began to prepare for research on coronaviruses. Whilst research labs all over the world are in lockdown, ICGEB research activities related to Covid19 remain active.

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ICGEB work on SARS-CoV-2 reported in STDaily, China

Working with communications partner STDaily, one of the major news networks in P.R. China, the work being undertaken by the Marcello Team and colleagues in Trieste in the battle against coronavirus has been published today.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 update at ICGEB

These first months of 2020 have witnessed the explosion of the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemics. First reported in Wuhan, China in December 2019, it quickly spread in the province of Hubei and across the country with 292,142 confirmed cases globally so far and 12,784 deaths (WHO situation report 22 March 2020).

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