Cardiovascular Biology

NON-COMMUNICABLE DISEASES / Cardiovascular Disorders

Research Interests

Cell-cell interactions and cross-talk in angiogenesis, cancer and cardiac disease

Description of Research

Research projects focus on angiogenesis and aim to identify the mechanisms by which endothelial cells interact and comunicate with the other cell types composing the cardiovascular system. Particular interest is dedicated to the cross-talk between endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes in the heart. Thanks to established collaborations with multiple clinical units, the laboratory is particularly dedicated to the use of cellular and animal models of human diseases, as well as of viral and non-viral gene transfer approaches, to eventually develop novel therapeutic approaches for tissue revascularization and cancer treatment.

A second interest of the Group is in the field of laser light, where the major interest is in understanding how light interact with cells and tissue and in exploiting light to develop innovative therapeutic opportunities.

Recent Publications

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