Workshop “Cancer immunology”

Dates to be confirmed, Cape Town, South Africa

The ICGEB aims at strengthening the research capability of its Members through a comprehensive training programme and approach to promoting biotechnology internationally. The active participation of ICGEB Member States nationals in the ICGEB Meetings and Courses is therefore highly encouraged. For more information on the terms of participation and funding opportunities for this event please access the meeting website or contact the local organisers directly.

Luiz F. Zerbini (ICGEB Cape Town, South Africa)
Federica Benvenuti (ICGEB Trieste, Italy)


The use of the immune system to attack cancer has been around for many years. The connection of cancer and immunological research has been at the cutting edge of the search to cure cancer. Recent advances in the understanding of how immune cells recognise cancer cells and how to overcome mechanisms that block their ability to kill cancer cells have opened a new field in immunotherapy, which offers great potential to improve cancer treatments. This workshop aims to cover recent advances in cancer immunology and new strategies that can be used to treat the disease.


Mechanistic basis of cancer immunotherapy, Mechanisms of the immune response against cancer cells CAR-T cells and T cell receptor, Vaccination strategies, Neoantigens, Myeloid cells in the tumour environment, Immune checkpoint.


Admittance to the course is subject to selection and the payment of a registration fee (US$100). Participants should have working knowledge of cellular biology, immunology and cancer, and should also be involved in research where the potential application of the workshop material would be useful. Preference will be given to Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty. Registration for the workshop is limited to 50 participants. Request for registration will be reviewed on the basis of academic merit and geographic distribution.


A limited number of grants (10) are available to cover accommodation (twin share) for the duration of the workshop for a selected numbers of nationals from ICGEB member states. The awardees will be selected among the accepted participants on the basis of merit. Travel is NOT funded.

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