Biotechnology of natural products and the environment

22 – 24 April 2024, Djibouti City, Djibouti


Fatouma Mohamed Abdoul-Latif (Medicinal Research Institute, Centre d’étude et de recherche de Djibouti – CERD, Djibouti City, Djibouti)

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Deadline for receipt of applications:
15 March 2024

The conference has a multifaceted mission aimed at expanding our comprehension and enhancing the global significance of natural products, while also spotlighting cutting-edge environmental technologies.

Fundamentally, this event seeks to stimulate and cultivate connections among a diverse group of experts, including the scientific community, academics, industrial professionals, and practitioners actively involved in biotechnology and environmental sciences. By bringing together these distinct yet interconnected fields, the conference aspires to spark collaborative discussions, innovative solutions, and fruitful partnerships.

Moreover, the overarching goal of this gathering goes beyond its immediate focus. It aims to champion the pivotal roles that natural products and the environment play in the pursuit of sustainable development, not only at a local or national level but also on the global stage. In this regard, the conference acts as a catalyst for broader conversations that have the potential to influence policies and actions geared towards safeguarding the well-being of our planet.

The growing awareness of the detrimental impacts of reduced fossil fuel usage on global warming has spurred an increasing demand for sustainable and renewable biofuels as viable alternatives. Microalgae, due to their efficient conversion of atmospheric CO2 into significant biomass and valuable biofuels, emerge as a promising source.

This capability holds importance for the food, pharmaceutical, and energy sectors. Utilizing integrated omics research proves to be a potent approach for thoroughly understanding the intricate behavior of biological systems. In these systems, metabolic pathways are intricately regulated and interconnected, incorporating various feed-forward and feedback mechanisms that can positively or negatively influence the system’s output. Implementing integrated omics research allows for a comprehensive understanding of the entire system, facilitating the identification of pertinent enzyme-encoding genes and the reconstruction of metabolic pathways associated with the synthesis and breakdown of precursor molecules. In essence, this conference serves as a nexus for knowledge dissemination, collaboration, and advocacy, with the ultimate goal of advancing our collective understanding of natural products, environmental stewardship, and their pivotal contributions to a sustainable future, both within and beyond our borders.


Natural products, Biological activities, Environmental technologies, Qualitative metabolomics.


Researchers working in the topic of natural products, biological activities, environmental technologies and qualitative rnetabolomics. Participants who have specialists in the field according to their h-index of indexed databases (Scopus, Web of science, scholar google).


Airplane tickets for guest speakers and Ethiopian participants, hotels, lunch, car rental and transport.

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