BIOTECHNET – ICGEB Awareness Workshop for Djibouti and Ethiopia

An ICGEB Awareness Workshop was held today with Ethiopia, ICGEB Member State and Djibouti, country pending ICGEB membership. The workshop addressed the opportunities provided to scientists and researchers from these countries within the BIOTECHNET project, supported by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The attendees were addressed by Prof. Kassahun Tesfaye, ICGEB Appointed Governor for Ethiopia, who thanked the ICGEB offices who had worked on setting up the project, and Prof. Mohamed Jalludin, ICGEB Focal Point for Djibouti, who commented on the excellent progress Djibouti is making towards membership.

Ms. Tijana Delić, ICGEB Consultant, External Relations gave an introduction into the ICGEB’s history, research fields and instruments of action, after which Ms. Simona Russo, ICGEB Knowledge Transfer Manager in charge of the project, gave an overview of the BIOTECHNET Project, with a focus on the currently open calls for applicants from the Horn of Africa.

Dr. Vittorio Venturi, ICGEB Scientific Coordinator and Group Leader, Bacteriology gave a welcome address and proceeded to present the application guidelines to the ICGEB Fellowships, Meetings & Courses and CRP Grants calls, followed by a brief overview of ICGEB’s research activities.

The workshop was attended by over 80 participants (including several ICGEB Alumni), who led a lively discussion and expressed acute interest in the various opportunities offered by BIOTECHNET.

Download the BIOTECHNET presentation

The BIOTECHNET project is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.