ICGEB Biotechnology Development Training

Biotech Development at ICGEB – testimonials from our Member States

Natasa Skoko heads Biotechnology Development at ICGEB Trieste. Here, she presents feedback from technology transfer training for the production of biotherapeutic products undertaken in her lab, underpinning the great opportunity offered to our Member States.

Her guiding light is: “to assist countries in strengthening their scientific and technological capabilities in the field of biosimilars, and to develop and promote the application of genetic engineering and biotechnology for solving problems of development.”

Zhenjun – Chinese training team

“It was a very happy and fruitful time we spent studying in ICGEB. The team made a complete and detailed training plan for us and conducted in-depth training on strain, fermentation, purification, activator synthesis and protein modification. Based on this, we acquired a new understanding of the whole project, and this is very helpful for the smooth development of our own projects. Thank you very much and your members, you are really a professional and efficient team.”

Isaac – Italian training team

“In my experience, the most efficient way to acquire know-how is from the actual scientists who developed the methods. Their insights and the interesting discussions that took place were of great help and they continue to be relevant as we move forward with the process development in our institution. I recommend to any interested party to invest the time at the ICGEB for technology transfer as it would give your scientists a head start. I am particularly thankful for the transparency shown by the team when answering all our questions”

Hossein – Iranian training team

“I have been involved twice in the technology transfer programme at ICGEB. I love the scientific atmosphere there. All the process yields that were claimed by them were correct or lower than we achieved during the course. At the end of the training, we were able to completely repeat the processes and we could successfully launch our biopharmaceutical products on the Iranian market. I believe that working together will help to make a better world providing more biosimilar therapeutics to patients.”

Alexandrina – Moldovan training team

“It was a great experience: a well-structured course; very good time management, support throughout the learning process and the lab work. The team was highly qualified, supportive, skillful, easily reframing tricky and unexpected situations. The lab was very well equipped, we had the chance to learn how to troubleshoot and to overcome possible difficulties. The protocol provided us all the information we needed to make sure that we get the best results. This was a totally engaging training. The team created an environment where we were able to learn from one another and which will give us new business opportunities.”

Gnanaprakasam – Turkish training team

“I undertook technology transfers for a couple of blockbuster biosimilars from ICGEB to a Turkish company under the guidance of Dr. Natasa Skoko. Her team was really very sharp, intelligent with high biotechnology skills and expertise in the area of Research, Technology Development and Technology Transfer. Their services are really excellent.”

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