Bilirubin Meeting in Trieste, Italy

Organised by Claudio Tiribelli, “Centro Studi Fegato” the Don Ostrow Trieste Yellow Retreat was held this week bringing together clinical and research experts from more than 16 countries.

The DOTYR Meeting focuses on neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, therapies and methods to determine bilirubin and prevent damage. In addition, it looks at the mechanisms of bilirubin neurotoxicity and factors associated to bilirubin toxicity.

Andrés Muro, Group Leader, ICGEB Mouse Molecular Genetics will be presented his Group’s research, funded in the context of a European Horizon2020 project, to find novel therapies for a rare genetic disease: the Crigler Najjar syndrome.

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Group photo DOTYR 2019
Group Photo, DOTYR 2019