Asif Mohmmed

Group Leader, Parasite Cell Biology
International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Aruna Asaf Ali Marg
110 067 New Delhi, India
E-mail: [email protected] 


Career History

Scientific Activity

Selected publications

Thakur, V., Asad, M., Jain, S., Hossain, M.E., Gupta, A., Kaur, I., Rathore, S., Ali, S., Khan, N.J., Mohmmed, A. 2015. Eps15 homology domain containing protein of Plasmodium falciparum (PfEHD) associates with endocytosis and vesicular trafficking towards neutral lipid storage site. Biochim Biophys Acta. Mol. Cell Research 1853:2856-69. PubMed link

Rathore, S., Datta, G., Kaur, I., Malhotra, P., Mohmmed A. 2015. Disruption of cellular homeostasis induces organelle stress and triggers apoptosis like cell-death pathways in malaria parasite. Cell Death and Disease 6:e1803. PubMed link

Bhalla, K., Chugh, M., Mehrotra, S., Rathore, S., Tousif, S., Prakash, D.V., Prakash, P., Kumar S.S., Kumar, S., Kumar, S. D., Ghanwat, S., Kumar, D., Das, G., Mohmmed, A., Malhotra, P., Ranganathan, A. 2015. Host ICAMs play a role in cell invasion by Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Plasmodium falciparum. Nat Commun. 6:6049. PubMed link

Jain, S., Rathore, S., Asad, M., Hossain, M.E., Sinha, D., Datta, G., Mohmmed, A. 2013. The prokaryotic ClpQ protease plays a key role in growth and development of mitochondria in Plasmodium falciparum. Cell Microbiol. 15, 1660-1673 PubMed link

El Bakkouri, M., Rathore, S., Calmettes, C., Wernimont, A.K., Liu, K., Sinha, D., Asad, M., Jung, P., Hui, R., Mohmmed, A., Houry, W.A. 2013. Structural Insights into the Inactive Subunit of the Apicoplast-Localized Caseinolytic Protease Complex of Plasmodium falciparum. J. Biol. Chem. 288, 1022-1031 PubMed link

Rathore, S., Jain, S., Sinha, D., Gupta, M., Asad, M., Srivastava, A., Narayanan, M.S., Ramasamy, G., Chauhan,V.S., Gupta,D. Mohmmed A. 2011. Disruption of a mitochondrial protease machinery in Plasmodium falciparum is an intrinsic signal for parasite cell death. Cell Death and Disease 2, e231 PubMed link

Rathore, S., Sinha, D., Asad, M., Böttcher, T., Afreen, F., Chauhan, V.S., Gupta, D., Sieber, S., Mohmmed A. 2010. A cyanobacterial serine protease of Plasmodium falciparum is targeted to the apicoplast and plays important role in its growth and development. Mol. Microbiol. 77, 873–890 PubMed link

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