Latest ICGEB Annual Report Now Available

The Annual Report presents the activities and achievements of the Organisation at the year’s close. The ICGEB is pleased to present the Report for 2020, introduced by Lawrence Banks, Director-General.

“This has been a truly remarkable year. The world has endured and continues to face, enormous challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Who would have thought that in less than a year vaccines would be rolled out across the world to combat a new infectious agent?”

“During this time, I have witnessed at first hand the difficulties and obstacles that scientists in many countries have encountered, both from COVID-19 and from economic and security-related issues. I am in awe of the commitment to science and the incredible levels of resilience and ingenuity that many of our colleagues have displayed over this time, and it makes me even more committed to ensuring that ICGEB continues to be at the forefront of bringing science and its benefits to all corners of the globe.”

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