Latest ICGEB Annual Report Now Available

The Annual Report presents the activities and achievements of the Organisation at the year’s close. The ICGEB is pleased to present the Report for 2019, introduced by Lawrence Banks,who took up his role as Director-General in July last year.

“Last December, no one thought that Covid19 would be a major global crisis. By late January, however, the picture was changing and ICGEB scientists had the foresight to recognise the danger looming and began to prepare for research on coronaviruses. Whilst research labs all over the world have been in lockdown, ICGEB research activities on Covid19 have remained active.”

With an overview of the Year in Pictures, the 2019 Report recounts, in brief, the story of the Organisation and its laboratories world-wide, its latest scientific publication records, highlights from across its diverse areas of research, spanning from Infectious Diseases to Crop Improvement.

It shows the results of its Fellowship, Meetings, and Grant Programmes and illustrates the way these help build scientific careers; highlights of Technology Transfer activities, Regulatory Science, Partnerships, Projects, Outreach, and presents the Financial Review.

“The coming months”, continues Dr. Banks, “will see more effort placed on research and development for combatting the virus and in building capacity in our Member States so that they can develop their own infrastructure and expertise for dealing both with Covid19 and any future epidemics.”

ICGEB at a Glance, Annual Report 2019

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