Announcing the winners of the ICGEB Science Communication Internship

Announcing the winners of the Science Communication Internship 2023

In July 2023, ICGEB announced a first for training in soft skills in science: a science communication internship with Dr. Chris Smith, clinical virologist at Cambridge University, working with The BBC Radio 5 live Naked Scientists, UK.

Open to Ph.D students at the three ICGEB Components, the internship aimed to provide a training opportunity to gain exposure to the latest techniques and developments in science communication for the general public, working with the team in Cambridge UK, and culminating in the production of a radio broadcast for BBC Radio 5 live.

Applicants were also asked to explain why such an opportunity would be valuable to their career.

Originally launched with a view to one internship being awarded, based on the strength and number of the applications received, 4 candidates were shortlisted and interviewed by the team in Cambridge and finally, 3 were selected to participate in training.

Congratulations to the awardees:

  • Nadine Tambwe, 1st year PhD student at ICGEB Cape Town, South Africa
  • Sannia Farrukh, 4th year PhD student at ICGEB Trieste, Italy and
  • Alma Tammour, 2nd year PhD student at ICGEB New Delhi, India

We are delighted to announce the winners in the context of the UN International Day for Girls and Women in Science, 11 February 2024, a recurrence to feature Girls in Science as authors, and to highlight the role of Women in Science in achieving socio-economic sustainable development.

We believe these results reflect the great pool of young, talented scientists at the ICGEB Components who recognise the importance of communications based on sound scientific knowledge, and latest techniques and developments in science communication skills.

Women to watch! We look forward to their work!