Tuesday 1 February 2022 | 12:00 noon – Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

Quantum Computing Institute, Cape Town (QCI CT)

Towards Quantum Bioinformatics

(Host: L. Donaldson)

Aleksandar Radovanovic is a computer scientist, bioinformatician and author. He obtained his PhD at the University of the Western Cape in Cape Town. He is a founding member of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia where he worked as a computational scientist for the last 12 years. He now lives in Cape Town where he is starting up a Quantum Computing Institute.

We are in the third year of the Quantum Decade in which quantum computing technology is no longer a futuristic concept. Moving to the new technology comes with challenges.
The field of bioinformatics would require not only a new set of computational tools, but also a whole new type of thinking. In this seminar we explore new and exciting technology and how bioinformatics can benefit from the information processing capabilities of quantum computers for better understanding and modeling of biological data.