ICGEB-IUIS-ALAI-ASCAI2 Immuno-Argentina “Immunological memory in infection and vaccination: current knowledge and future directions”

Córdoba, Argentina – NOT HELD

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Adriana Gruppi (CIBICI, CONICET, Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)

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Deadline for receipt of applications:
15 March 2020

This course will focus on integrating current knowledge concerning the cellular and molecular protagonist involved in the induction of long-term immunity. The program includes topics about the characterization of memory NK, B and T cells , in mice and humans, and their role in mediating protection against infections and upon vaccination. Particular emphasis will be placed on the therapeutic and pathogenic roles of the different subsets during chronic infection and the basis of vaccine designs. The course is also aimed at fostering multidisciplinary collaborations and scientific and student exchange.


Memory B cell responses in humans and experimental settings. Germinal center and follicular T helper responses. Tissue resident memory T cells. Innate immunological memory. Antigen selection and adjuvants.


Admission is subject to selection. Applications are invited from talented graduate students enrolled in academic PhD programs as well as to young postdocs and scientists, engaged in research in the areas of fundamental, applied and clinical immunology. Students, postdocs and scientists from Argentina, Latin America and nationals of ICGEB Member States are eligible. All selected participants will have free access to compulsory online learning material and quizzes via the Immunopaedia website. Poster sessions will be organized.
Applicants must download the course application form and submit it through the online application system


Selected participants will receive accommodation and meals. Travel contribution will additionally be available.

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