Impact of the CRP Research Grants Programme

The CRP programme aims to stimulate research in Member States, to assist in the creation of appropriate research facilities, train young scientists and develop research programmes.

Support is available for research projects in many fields of basic science, human healthcare, industrial and agricultural biotechnology, and environmental bioremediation and the call for applications is launched yearly.

Established in 1988, to date over 660 projects have been funded for a global financial commitment of more than Euro 32 million. The selection procedure for the funding of Research Grants involves a transparent process of peer-review. In 2023, 44 projects were awarded.

These include Early Career Return Grants, available to ICGEB Postdoctoral fellows returning to their home countries within three years from the commencement of the fellowship. Launched in 2004, these grants aim to ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired at ICGEB are transferred back to the ICGEB Member States through young scientists and by widening the ICGEB network of international collaborations.

The ICGEB funds a maximum of 3 standard grants plus 2 Early Career Return Grants each year, on the basis of merit and potential interest to the country, and also strives to promote gender parity.

A total of 82 CRP Research Grant-funded projects were ongoing in 41 ICGEB Member States in 2023.

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