ICGEB Grants Frequently Asked Questions

Is my Country and/or my Institute eligible for funding? How do I obtain the required endorsement? Who is the Liaison Officer for my country? How do I contact him/her? Find answers to these and other FAQ on this page.

Eligible Countries

Any Institute/University/Research Centre in a Member State (with the exception of Italy) is eligible to apply providing that the application is endorsed by the relevant Liaison Officer.

Endorsement and liaison officer

Only the ICGEB Liaison Officers appointed for the Principal Investigator’s country are responsible for the national selection of applications and for the subsequent endorsement of the proposals to be considered by ICGEB for the current call. All full proposals will be accessed by the Liaison Officer of the applicant’s country for the internal selection and endorsement procedures. Liaison Officers will communicate his/her endorsements to ICGEB and to the applicant by the deadline (31 May).

How should I submit my application?
Principal Investigators must submit their applications online via the dedicated portal (https://www.icgeb.org/activities/grants/)

When am I expected to receive confirmation from ICGEB that my application has been received?
ICGEB will only acknowledge receipt of the endorsed applications. These applicants will be provided with a reference number for their proposal within one month of the deadline of 31 May.

Principal investigator

Which requirements should have the Principal Investigator?
The Principal Investigator is the lead scientist for a particular well-defined research project. He/she is usually the person who has conceived the investigation and the person who takes direct responsibility for completion of a funded project, directing the research and reporting directly to the funding agency. He must be an employee of the Institute requesting the funding.

Is there an age limit for the Principal Investigator?
No age limit is set for the Principal Investigator for standard Research Grant applications. Applicants for Early Career Return Grants should be no more than 40 years of age at the time of the application.

What is the Early Career Return Grant?
This is a special category of grants intended to fund young researchers with an outstanding track record, who have spent a minimum of 2 years abroad and have recently returned to an ICGEB Member State to establish their own independent laboratories. Applicants for Early Career Return Grants should have taken up, or be about to take up, a position as an Independent Investigator in an ICGEB Member State (except Italy) and must have returned to an ICGEB Member State (except Italy) no more than 2 years before the application.

Is there a special application form for the Early Career Return Grant proposals?
No, the submission procedure and guidelines for the standard research grants apply. Principal Investigators applying for an Early Career Return Grant must however indicate on “Type of grant” (drop down menu) under Section 2 “Type” on the online portal, that their proposal is an application for an Early Career Return Grant.

How many Principal Investigators can be indicated in the application? Is it possible to indicate a co-Principal Investigator?
Only one Principal Investigator must be indicated: he/she will be the scientist responsible for the coordination of the research project and submission of the required documents. In case of award funds will be awarded to his/her Institution. A co-Principal Investigator may be indicated but the official reference person and responsible for all technical and administrative aspects of the grant will be the Principal Investigator.

Application form

How do I get a copy of the application?
The relevant guidelines can be downloaded from the Website. The application is to be completed online.

Which costs can be funded by the grant?
Eligible costs are divided in five major budget categories: Equipment, Consumables, Training, Travel and Literature. For specific information and restrictions on each category please refer to the Budget Guidelines contained in the application form.

Which costs are not covered by the grant?
In general, the following costs are not funded by the ICGEB grant: 1) cost of maintenance, repair, running or insurance of existing equipment and machinery belonging to the Institution; 2) depreciation of property, plant or equipment regardless if belonging to the Institution or purchased with the ICGEB funds; 3) cost of construction of new buildings or alterations and modifications of existing buildings and premises; 4) normal administrative and overhead expenses of the Institution; 5) bank charges; 6) purchase of major equipment (i.e., equipment costing more than Euro 10,000), office furniture or fittings, computer hardware and software. Kindly note that for computer hardware/software a waiver may be requested for projects with a strong computational component. A full justification must be provided for each item; 7) secretarial expenses; 8) salary support of Principal Investigator; 9) any other expenses not covered in the five budget categories: Equipment, Consumables, Training, Travel and Literature.
Please also refer to the application form and the relevant Budget Guidelines for the complete details.

Do I need to provide a copy of my papers together with my application?
No, only a list of the peer reviewed research papers, books and patents, highlighting those directly relevant to the application is to be provided. Please refer to Publication field under PI Section of the portal.

I have submitted an application – when may I expect to have a feedback from ICGEB?
Each selection is unique so a precise date for the results cannot be indicated. As a general reference only, results are usually available by the end of October/early November. In any case all applicants (successful and unsuccessful) are notified by e-mail of the Committee decision, in time for the funded projects to start in January of the following year.

When is the next deadline for grant applications?
The deadline for online submission of applications that will be received both by ICGEB and Liaison Officers is set at 30 April of each year.

Programme priorities

Which projects are funded by ICGEB? Which are the priorities of the CRP-ICGEB Research Grants Programme? Which areas of research are funded?
Proposals submitted to ICGEB should meet the following criteria:

  • address specific questions within Life Sciences
  • be concise
  • present a clear hypothesis
  • be realistic
  • proposing goals that can be achieved within the proposed time/propose original, novel studies

Applications addressing original scientific problems of particular relevance for the host country or focusing on one or more research areas of particular interest/relevance for their country are positively considered during the evaluation process. Particular value is also given to the promotion of training of young scientists (at any level).

Particular attention will be given to projects addressing issues of interest for specific geographic regions and presented by groups collaborating across more than one country.

Support is available for research projects in many fields of basic life sciences, human and animal healthcare, industrial biotechnology, agricultural biotechnology, bioenergy.

Where can I find a list of the projects awarded by ICGEB in the past years?
An updated list of the grants awarded by ICGEB since 1988 is available at the following link: https://www.icgeb.org/research-grants-impact.html


Do I need to collaborate with any of the ICGEB group?
Collaboration with any of the ICGEB groups (in Trieste, New Delhi or Cape Town) is not a mandatory requirement for the grants but is considered an additional asset.

Is collaboration with other research groups an essential requirement for the application?
Collaboration with other groups (especially from the ICGEB Member States) is encouraged but it is not mandatory for funding. Particular attention will be given to projects addressing issues of interest for specific geographic regions and presented by groups collaborating across more than one country.

Is it possible to submit an application from two research groups in different countries? Who should endorse the application?
Applications from two (or more) research groups can be sent with the proviso that each group submit an individual application requesting funds for his/her lab only. Each application, endorsed by the relevant Liaison Officer, will be evaluated and considered for an award, separately.

Where do I provide details on the foreseen collaborations? Is there a specific section?
Details on the collaboration may be indicated under the section 5 “Project” in the online portal and, if applicable, under the fields “Potential for training of young scientists & collaborations” and “Feasibility”.

Do I have to send a CV for the collaborators?
No, this information is requested for the Principal Investigator only (please refer to section 1 “PI” in the online portal). Please however note that a letter confirming the collaboration is to be provided and you are kindly requested to upload the document/s in the “CRP attachments” section at the end of your application.

Continuation of previous grants/re-submission of failed proposals

I have an on-going ICGEB grant – can I apply for a new grant?
Principal Investigators are not eligible to apply for a new grant (either as a new project or as a continuation of a former awarded project) until the grant previously awarded has been evaluated (i.e., the Final Report) and satisfactorily concluded.

My ICGEB grant is concluded – may I re-apply for a continuation or for a new project?
Yes, as long as the proposal is endorsed by the Liaison Officer.

My application was not selected for funding by ICGEB – can I re-apply under future calls?
Yes, the unsuccessful result obtained under one call does not prejudice the eventual re-submission of the same project (or a different one) under future calls of the programme. Please note that the same proposal can only be resubmitted once and the re-submission will also need to be endorsed by the Liaison Officer.

For further information
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