2022 | CAPE TOWN

ICGEB Cape Town presents the first international edition of ICGEB Science & the City. In recent times, we have faced and continue to face the challenge of the overabundance of misinformation. False or inaccurate information presented as fact, intentionally or not, has reached staggeringly high levels, leading to what many have termed the ‘infodemic’. From COVID-19, vaccines, cancer therapeutics to GMOs, fake news, myths, and misinformation are at all-time high.  To ensure the public has access to factual and reliable information in science and research, there is a tremendous need to fight the scourge of misinformation and empower people to distinguish between facts and fake news. 

Centre of the Book, National Library South Africa, Cape Town City Centre

29 March 2022
Myth Busters: discrediting misinformation in Science

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