ICGEB for International Women's Day 2022

8 March 2022: International Women’s Day

ICGEB joins the international community in promoting Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.

For IWD this year we highlight our burgeoning Fellowships for Women in Science with our partners and celebrate the achievements of our scientists and students.

ICGEB lends its voice on this day to celebrate the scientific achievements of women, strengthening gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Our Projects, in particular related to Quality Education SDG4 of the 2030 Actions, are dedicated to providing Fellowships for Women scientists from the Global South: EMPOWER, BIOTECHNET and WE-STAR programmes have been established with our partners to call and promote south-south mobility for women and enhance biotechnology know-how, particularly in Africa.

At ICGEB New Delhi, India the DBT BioCARe Processing and Management Unit works to promote women in science, providing fellowship and grant support to the research and development projects from women scientists, targeted towards their career development.

ICGEB is committed to attaining and promoting gender equality in all its activities, as a cross-cutting priority of its Strategic Plan for 2020-2030. A Gender Task Force, supported by a Gender expert, has been designated to prepare a Gender Equality Plan (GEP). GEP is a new eligibility criterion for public institutions to access EU Horizon Europe funding. Officially required from 2022, consideration of gender and/or sex dimension in European projects is mandatory and evaluated and gender balance among researchers in project teams will be considered for proposals that achieve the same score (ranking criterion). Being aware of these aspects, the ICGEB is aligning its institutional policies by establishing its own GEP, with the ultimate goal of promoting gender equality and integration of the gender dimension into research.  

ICGEB Alumnae graduations are moments of celebration in all the ICGEB Components from Trieste, Italy, to New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa. We celebrate women in science through testimonials on all our platforms: interviews on YouTube, storytelling on LinkedIn, and are an essential part of all our activities and posts on our Website, Twitter and Facebook pages. In all our activities we #BreakTheBarriers.