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By Kirill Degtyarenko

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3 September 2004.

5 December 2003. A special issue of Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications dedicated to Irwin C. Gunsalus is published (Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. vol. 312, no. 1, 2003). Here is an introduction by Minor J. Coon and Stephen G. Sligar:

25 July 2003. The preprint of paper "COMe: the ontology of bioinorganic proteins" is available @ The Chemistry Preprint Server (CPS: biochem/0307002)

1 November 2002. The recent addition to the world of haem-thiolate proteins. SoxAX active site contains a haem with unprecedented cysteine persulfide coordination.

30 August 2002.

15 May 2001. The number of P450s in SWISS-PROT exceeded 600, mainly because of Arabidopsis P450 genes -- see P450 table!

13 March 2001. The 2.1- and 2.2 Å crystal structures for 4-phenylimidazole- and fluconazole-bound CYP51 are solved by X-ray crystallography (PDB 1E9X and 1EA1):

9 February 2001. Postdoctoral position in P450 research is available.

5 January 2001. Gilda Loew died.

15 December 2000. CYP505 is the eukaryotic membrane-bound one-component P450 system:

10 August 2000. Protein Engineering of Peroxidases and Cytochrome P450 Colloquium @ The Biochemical Society Meeting, 19-20 December 2000, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. Anyone interested please contact Dr. Andrew Munro for further details.

31 July 2000. A tree of representative P450 sequences kindly provided by Osamu Gotoh appears here ( PDF file).

14 July 2000. Files in http://www.icgeb.trieste.it/p450/ have migrated to http://www.icgeb.trieste.it/~p450srv/. All the old links will be automatically redirected to the new server.

11 May 2000. Postdoctoral position in P450 research is available.

29 March 2000. In an attempt to provide more up-to-date information, the new tables of Components of P450-containing systems are created. They include information automatically derived from SWISS-PROT. Please give me your feedback because eventually they are going to substitute the existing tables!

13 March 2000. It is my pleasure to introduce the Human P450 Metabolism Database created by Prof. Slobodan Rendic of Zagreb University, Croatia. Free access but registration is required.

15 February 2000. The structure of mammalian P450 is solved!

13 July 1999. The full text paper (in German) on cytochrome P450 1A1 in insects is available at http://members.aon.at/jens.hartmann/Diplomarbeit.zip

6 July 1999. 13th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations (July 10-14, 2000, Stresa-Lago Maggiore, Italy): the first version of the Web page of the MDO 2000 is now ready.

18 June 1999. Finally, the structure of adrenodoxin reductase!

16 April 1999. The first version of Human Cytochrome P450 (CYP) Allele Nomenclature Committee Homepage is available!

5 March 1999. Visit Hamlet's castle next year during the Vth International Symposium on P450 Biodiversity (July 2-6, 2000, Elsinore, Denmark)

2 March 1999. The crystal structure of the complex between the haem and FMN-binding domains of bacterial P450BM-3 is determined.

5 October 1998. Postdoctoral position in P450 research is available.

28 September 1998. The table of age-dependent changes in liver microsomal P450 has been updated.

5 June 1998. The table of age-dependent changes in liver microsomal P450 compiled by Dr. A.L. Sukhodub is available.

24 October 1997. Structure of nitric oxide synthase oxygenase domain is solved [Crane et al. (1997), Science 278, 425-431].

3 October 1997. Structure of P450nor is solved [Park et al. (1997), Nature Struct. Biol. 4, 827-832].

5 September 1997. Postdoctoral position in P450 research is available.

25 April 1997. The paper describing the PROMISE database is out.

22 January 1997. At last, the bionet.molecules.p450 newsgroup is ready for operation! Check whether you can read bionet.molecules.p450 newsgroup with your local USENET newsreader.

16 January 1997. The new paper describing this server is out (at least on-line):

6 January 1997. I'm pleased to advertise on-line paper `Diverse role of conserved aromatic amino acids in the electron transfer of cytochrome P450 catalytic functions: Site-directed mutagenesis studies' by Toru Shimizu. To read a local copy of the paper, click here.

3 January 1997. Since now, I'm going to post scientific research and review papers separately on Kirill's Paper of the Week and Kirill's Review of the Week pages, respectively. You are also welcome to Kirill's P450 Café.

16 December 1996. Now you can visit our * Gödöllõ mirror site at ABC logo Agricultural Biotechnology Center.

28 November 1996. A list of commercially available P450s and related products has been added. Please drop me a line if you know more sites!

27 November 1996. The CYP51 family is the only P450 family present in mammals, fungi, and now plants: Sorghum bicolor obtusifoliol 14alpha-demethylase (U74319)! (Information provided by Dr. Søren Bak)

22 November 1996. The call for discussion for the new bionet newsgroup proposal P450/bionet.molecules.p450 has now been issued on http://www.bio.net/hypermail/BIONEWS/9611/0039.html. Discussion is open until 1 December. The voting procedure will then follow and be described in detail. (Information provided by Dr. Alfred Zimmerlin)

17 October 1996. List of P450-dependent reactions of steroid biosynthesis and metabolism was compiled.

19 August 1996. The paper describing this server is out!

2 August 1996. Very mixed bibliography file "on P450s" is split into four parts: P450s (of general interest), P450 biodiversity, P450 membrane topology and P450s (miscellaneous). The bibliography on chemical modifications in P450 systems also appeared.

18 June 1996. The bibliography on structural studies of cytochrome b5 and cytochrome b5-like domains is added.

25 May 1996. Some substrates / products of P450-dependent reactions are summarised in the List of steroid ligands of P450s.

22 May 1996. Here you can read Ryo Sato's obituary written by Ronald W. Estabrook (to appear in Arch. Biochem. Biophys.).

21 May 1996. A novel P450 subfamily, CYP2L1, is presented by lobster sequence (U44826).

10 May 1996. Closure of SWISS-PROT? It will be disaster for all of us! Read the document at <http://www.expasy.ch/sprot/help-sprot.html>!

25 April 1996. Visit the homepage of Xth International Conference on Cytochrome P450 which will be held in San Francisco, California, USA on August 21-26, 1997.

9 April 1996. The first Archaean P450 sequence: CYP119 (U51337)!

26 March 1996. Now the 2.2 Å crystal structure of P450cam complexed with its catalytic product, 5-exo-hydroxycamphor [Li et al. (1995) J. Am. Chem. Soc. 117, 6297-6299] is available (PDB 1NOO).

29 February 1996. Online version of the review Structural domains of P450-containing monooxygenase systems is available.

27 February 1996. A novel P450 family, CYP25, includes a cluster of P450 genes in C. elegans (EMBL Z66495).

8 February 1996. References on transcriptional regulation in P450-containing systems are added.

26 January 1996. Now you can look at Kirill's Paper of the Week.

23 January 1996. The MOLSCRIPT image of P450eryF is added.

13 January 1996. Dr. Ryo Sato died of colon cancer at the age of 72. Dr. Sato was Professor Emeritus of Osaka University, Institute for Protein Research. He is known as a biochemist who first named a pigment with 450 nm absorption as pigment of 450 nm, cytochrome P-450 and first identified P450 as a hemoprotein. The paper, Omura, T. and Sato, R. (1964) J. Biol. Chem. 239, 2379-2385, has been one of the most frequently referred papers in scientific papers. (Information provided by Dr. Toru Shimizu)

21 December 1995. Two new P450 genes (and families!) from C. elegans: CYP22A1 and CYP23A1!

5 December 1995. The review Structural domains of P450-containing monooxygenase systems now is available in postscript format.

24 November 1995. Finally, the short definitions of P450 enzymes and P450-containing systems appeared. Are they trivial?

17 November 1995. Bibliography on structural studies of ferredoxins added. It includes information on [2Fe-2S] ferredoxins (adrenodoxin family and plant-type), bacterial-type ferredoxins ([3Fe-4S], [4Fe-4S], 2[4Fe-4S] and 7Fe ferredoxins), and HiPIP.

27 October 1995. The list of related OMIM entries is added.

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