Postdoctoral position

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We seek postdoctoral fellows to study structure-function relationships of cytochrome P450 and those of related heme enzymes (e.g. nitric oxide synthase). This position is supported by a long-term (12-24 months) fellowship of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, beginning April, 1998. This fellowship affords foreign researchers a generous opportunity to conduct research in laboratories at Japanese universities; a round-trip air ticket (economy), a monthly stipend of 270,000 yen, a settling allowance of 200,000 yen, a monthly housing allowance of up to 100,000 yen, a monthly family allowance of 50,000 yen if accompanied by dependence(s) and insurance coverage for the fellow. Candidates must hold a recent (less than five years) Ph.D. degree. This laboratory has been interested in molecular oxygen activation, inter- and intra-electron transfer and substrate specificities of P450 using genetic engineering techniques and a three-dimensional model based on the crystal structure of bacterial P450s. A strong background in bioinorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, or biophysics is essential. Expertise with recombinant DNA technique, protein purification, enzymology/kinetics, NMR, EPR, UV/VIS, CD/MCD, GCMS, stopped flow/flash photolysis or computer simulation is desirable. Send curriculum vitae and names, FAX numbers and e-mail addresses of three references to:

Dr. Toru Shimizu
Institute for Chemical Reaction Science
Tohoku University
Sendai 980-77

FAX: +81-22-217-5604, 217-5664, or 263-9849