Postdoctoral position available

in Bioinorganic Chemistry of Oxidases, Oxygenases and Peroxidases at Department of Chemical Sciences, TIFR, Mumbai, India

Our laboratory has immediate post-doctoral openings in various areas of bioinorganic chemistry, namely, oxidases (cytochrome oxidase and related enzymes), oxygenases (cytochrome P450) and peroxidases (HRP, LPO etc). The projects would involve biochemical extraction, purification and also site-directed mutagenesis of the enzymes. The following main techniques are used for our studes: high-resolution NMR, fluorescence, CD, direct electrochemistry and stopped-flow kinetics.

Candidates must hold a recent (less than two years) Ph.D. degree in chemistry, biochemistry or related discipline. A strong background in bioinorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, molecular biology, biochemistry, or biophysics is desirable. Expertise with recombinant DNA techniques, protein/RNA purification, enzymology/kinetics, NMR, UV/VIS, fluorescence spectroscopy, CD, and/or stopped flow is desirable. Please send a curriculum vitae and names, FAX numbers and e-mail addresses of three references to:

Prof. S. Mazumdar
Bioinorganic Chemistry
Department of Chemical Sciences
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
Homi Bhabha Road, Colaba, Navy Nagar
Mumbai 400 005

Telephone: +91 22 215 2971 X 2605 (Off)
+91 22 215 2971 X 2533/2349 (lab)
+91 22 218 7892 (Resi)
Fax: +91 22 215 2110/2181
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Indian Scientists willing to return back to the country may also apply for suitable regular academic positions in bioinorganic chemistry. The post doctoral fellows may also be considered for absorption at regular academic positions after one or two years depending on performance.

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