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Trypanothione reductases

Last modified: 16-07-2007
Contains: 5
TPR Crithidia fasciculata TYTR_CRIFA Z12618 M73323 M73324 M73325 1FEA 1FEB 1FEC 1TYP 1TYT 2TPR
TPR Leishmania donovani TYTR_LEIDO Z23135 -
TPR Trypanosoma brucei TYTR_TRYBB X63188 -
TPR Trypanosoma congolense TYTR_TRYCO M21122 -
TPR Trypanosoma cruzi TYTR_TRYCR M38051 Z13958 1AOG 1GXF 1NDA
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This table was created on the basis of current Swiss-Prot release and "new_seq.dat" file (updated weekly).
Trypanothione reductases