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NADPH:P450 reductases

Last modified: 16-07-2007
Contains: 22
cprA Aspergillus niger NCPR_ASPNG Z26938 -
CYP102A1 Bacillus megaterium CPXB_BACME J04832 1BU7 1BVY 1FAG 1FAH 1JME 1P0V 1P0W 1P0X 1SMI 1SMJ 1YQO 1YQP 2BMH 2HPD 2IJ2 2IJ3 2IJ4
cypD Bacillus subtilis CYPD_BACSU D87979 Z99107 -
cypE Bacillus subtilis CYPE_BACSU U93874 Z99117 -
POR Bos taurus NCPR_BOVIN BC103399 -
NCP1 Candida maltosa NCPR_CANMA X76226 D25327 -
NCP1 Candida tropicalis NCPR_CANTR M35199 -
CPR Catharanthus roseus NCPR_CATRO X69791 Y09417 -
POR Cavia porcellus NCPR_CAVPO D10498 -
Cpr Drosophila melanogaster NCPR_DROME X93090 AE014134 AY052000 -
CYP505 Fusarium oxysporum C505_FUSOX AB030037 -
POR Homo sapiens NCPR_HUMAN S90469 AF258341 AB051763 BC034277 1B1C
Por Mus musculus NCPR_MOUSE D17571 BC031463 -
- Musca domestica NCPR_MUSDO L19897 -
POR Oryctolagus cuniculus NCPR_RABIT D00101 X04610 -
CPR Phanerochaete chrysosporium NCPR_PHACH AF193060 AF193061 AF193062 -
- Phaseolus aureus NCPR_PHAAU L07843 -
Por Rattus norvegicus NCPR_RAT M10068 M12516 M58937 M58932 M58933 M58934 M58935 M58936 1AMO 1J9Z 1JA0 1JA1
NCP1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCPR_YEAST D13788 U00062 AY693091 2BF4 2BN4
- Salmo trutta NCPR_SALTR - -
ccr1 Schizosaccharomyces pombe NCPR_SCHPO X64702 AL078627 AL034463 AB027780 -
POR Sus scrofa NCPR_PIG L33893 -
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This table was created on the basis of current Swiss-Prot release and "new_seq.dat" file (updated weekly).
NADPH:P450 reductases