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Nitric Oxide Synthases

Last modified: 16-07-2007
Contains: 35
- Anopheles stephensi NOS_ANOST AF130134 AF130124 AF130125 AF130126 AF130127 AF130128 AF130129 AF130130 AF130131 AF130132 AF130133 -
NOS1 Arabidopsis thaliana NOS1_ARATH AL096860 BT015353 BT015887 -
NOS2 Bos taurus NOS2_BOVIN DQ676956 U14640 U18331 -
NOS3 Bos taurus NOS3_BOVIN M99057 M89952 M95674 1D0C 1D0O 1D1V 1D1W 1D1X 1D1Y 1DM6 1DM7 1DM8 1DMI 1DMJ 1DMK 1ED4 1ED5 1ED6 1FOI 1FOJ 1FOL 1FOO 1FOP 1I83 1NSE 1P6L 1P6M 1P6N 1Q2O 1RS8 1RS9 1ZZS 1ZZT 2NSE 3NSE 4NSE 5NSE 6NSE 7NSE 8NSE 9NSE
NOS2 Canis familiaris NOS2_CANFA AF077821 AF032909 -
NOS3 Canis familiaris NOS3_CANFA AF143503 -
NOS2 Capra hircus NOS2_CAPHI U29085 -
nos2 Carassius auratus NOS2_CARAU X97603 -
NOS2 Cavia porcellus NOS2_CAVPO AF027180 -
NOS3 Cavia porcellus NOS3_CAVPO U76736 -
Nos Drosophila melanogaster NOS_DROME U25117 AF215700 AF215691 AF215692 AF215693 AF215694 AF215695 AF215696 AF215697 AF215698 AF215699 AE014134 AE014134 AE014134 AE014134 AE014134 AE014134 BT010016 -
NOS2 Gallus gallus NOS2_CHICK U46504 U34045 D85422 -
NOS1 Homo sapiens NOS1_HUMAN U17327 U17326 U17299 U17300 U17301 U17302 U17303 U17304 U17305 U17307 U17308 U17309 U17310 U17311 U17312 U17313 U17314 U17315 U17316 U17317 U17318 U17319 U17320 U17321 U17322 U17323 U17324 U17325 D16408 L02881 U31466 U66362 AY445095 -
NOS2A Homo sapiens NOS2A_HUMAN L09210 L24553 X73029 U05810 U31511 D26525 U20141 AF068236 AB022318 DQ060518 S75615 1NSI 2NSI 4NOS
NOS2B Homo sapiens NOS2B_HUMAN U18332 U18333 -
NOS2C Homo sapiens NOS2C_HUMAN U18335 U18334 -
NOS3 Homo sapiens NOS3_HUMAN M93718 M95296 L10709 L10693 L10694 L10695 L10696 L10697 L10698 L10699 L10700 L10701 L10702 L10703 L10704 L10705 L10706 L10707 L10708 L26914 X76303 X76304 X76305 X76306 X76307 X76308 X76309 X76310 X76311 X76312 X76313 X76314 X76315 X76316 D26607 AF519768 BC069465 L23210 S80791 1M9J 1M9K 1M9M 1M9Q 1M9R 3NOS
NOS Lymnaea stagnalis NOS_LYMST AF012531 -
NOS2 Macaca mulatta NOS2_MACMU U31907 -
Nos1 Mus musculus NOS1_MOUSE D14552 S81982 -
Nos2 Mus musculus NOS2_MOUSE M87039 M92649 M84373 U43428 AF065919 AF065920 AF065921 AF065922 AF065923 AF427516 AY090567 AL592185 BC062378 1DD7 1DF1 1DWV 1DWW 1DWX 1JWJ 1JWK 1M8D 1M8E 1M8H 1M8I 1M9T 1N2N 1NOC 1NOD 1NOS 1QOM 1QW4 1QW5 1R35 1VAF 2BHJ 2NOD 2NOS 3NOD
Nos3 Mus musculus NOS3_MOUSE U53142 AF045940 -
NOS2 Oncorhynchus mykiss NOS2_ONCMY X97013 -
NOS1 Oryctolagus cuniculus NOS1_RABIT U91584 -
NOS2 Oryctolagus cuniculus NOS2_RABIT U85094 -
- Oryza sativa NOS_ORYSJ AP006720 AP004049 -
NOS1 Ovis aries NOS1_SHEEP X99042 U76739 -
NOS3 Ovis aries NOS3_SHEEP U76738 -
Nos1 Rattus norvegicus NOS1_RAT X59949 U67309 1B8Q 1F20 1K2R 1K2S 1K2T 1K2U 1LZX 1LZZ 1M00 1MMV 1MMW 1OM4 1OM5 1P6H 1P6I 1P6J 1P6K 1QAU 1QAV 1QW6 1QWC 1RS6 1RS7 1TLL 1VAG 1ZVI 1ZVL 1ZZQ 1ZZR 1ZZU
Nos2 Rattus norvegicus NOS2_RAT D14051 U26686 U03699 D12520 L12562 X76881 D44591 D83661 AF049656 AF051164 AF006619 AF006620 U48829 S71597 L36063 -
Nos3 Rattus norvegicus NOS3_RAT AB176831 AF085195 AY695391 AJ011115 AJ011116 U02534 AF093837 U18336 -
- Rhodnius prolixus NOS_RHOPR U59389 -
- Squalus acanthias NOS_SQUAC AF232227 -
NOS2 Sus scrofa NOS2_PIG U59390 -
NOS3 Sus scrofa NOS3_PIG U59924 U33832 -
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This table was created on the basis of current Swiss-Prot release and "new_seq.dat" file (updated weekly).
Nitric Oxide Synthases