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Cytochrome b5 reductases

Last modified: 16-07-2007
Contains: 27
- Arabidopsis thaliana NCB5R_ARATH AF296836 AY087280 -
CYB5R1 Bos taurus NB5R1_BOVIN BC104584 -
CYB5R3 Bos taurus NB5R3_BOVIN M83104 -
CYB5R4 Bos taurus NB5R4_BOVIN BC109569 -
CYB5R3 Canis familiaris NB5R3_CANFA AB185964 DQ141222 -
cyb5r2 Danio rerio NB5R2_DANRE CR759887 BC122221 -
cyb5r4 Danio rerio NB5R4_DANRE BC095683 -
CYB5R2 Gallus gallus NB5R2_CHICK AJ721007 -
CYB5R1 Homo sapiens NB5R1_HUMAN AF169481 AF087912 AF093822 AY359026 AK074654 AF125533 AK223416 BC018732 BC127945 AF091084 -
CYB5R2 Homo sapiens NB5R2_HUMAN AF169802 AY665398 BC001346 AL133582 -
CYB5R3 Homo sapiens NB5R3_HUMAN M28713 M28705 M28706 M28707 M28708 M28709 M28710 M28711 Y09501 AF361370 AJ010116 AJ010117 AJ010118 BT009821 CR456435 AY341030 AF061830 AF061831 BC004821 Z93241 AJ310899 AJ310900 M16461 M16462 1M91 1UMK
CYB5R4 Homo sapiens NB5R4_HUMAN AL139232 AL034347 AL034347 AL139232 AL034347 AL139232 AL139232 AL034347 BC025380 AF169803 -
CYB5R3 Macaca fascicularis NB5R3_MACFA AB125163 -
Cyb5r1 Mus musculus NB5R1_MOUSE AK005159 AK159663 AK167178 BC016266 BC024618 -
Cyb5r2 Mus musculus NB5R2_MOUSE AK085272 AK147952 BC107238 BC107239 -
Cyb5r3 Mus musculus NB5R3_MOUSE AF332059 AF332060 AK002640 BC004760 BC032013 BC043074 -
Cyb5r4 Mus musculus NB5R4_MOUSE AK078682 AK090159 AK157312 AK167436 AK169937 AK172252 BC025438 BC002170 AF338818 AY321368 AY321369 -
Cyb5r1 Rattus norvegicus NB5R1_RAT BC089945 -
Cyb5r2 Rattus norvegicus NB5R2_RAT BC079235 -
Cyb5r3 Rattus norvegicus NB5R3_RAT D00636 J03867 BC062066 X65191 X65191 X65190 X77117 1I7P 1IB0 1QX4
Cyb5r4 Rattus norvegicus NB5R4_RAT BC080240 AF307840 AY321370 AY321371 -
CBR1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae NCB5R_YEAST Z28365 Z46861 -
MCR1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae MCR1_YEAST X81474 Z26877 Z28150 EF123132 -
CYB5R3 Sus scrofa NB5R3_PIG - 1NDH
cyb5r2 Xenopus laevis NB5R2_XENLA BC087294 -
cyb5r2 Xenopus tropicalis NB5R2_XENTR CR942741 BC091602 -
cyb5r4 Xenopus tropicalis NB5R4_XENTR CR855785 -
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This table was created on the basis of current Swiss-Prot release and "new_seq.dat" file (updated weekly).
Cytochrome b5 reductases