Components of P450-containing Systems

Last updated: 16-07-2007

Adrenodoxin family3114 K
Adrenodoxin reductases74 K
Cytochrome b5 reductases2715 K
Cytochromes b55125 K
Fe3S4 ferredoxins73 K
NADH:ferredoxin reductases32 K
NADPH:P450 reductases2211 K
P450807361 K

Homologues of components of P450-containing systems

Alkyl hydroperoxide reductases187 K
Cytochrome b5 domain-containing proteins6730 K
Dihydrolipoamide dehydrogenases6727 K
Ferredoxin:NADP+ reductases3115 K
Flavodoxins6328 K
Glutathione reductases3015 K
Mercuric reductases135 K
NADPH:sulphite reductases flavoprotein4617 K
Nitric Oxide Synthases3529 K
Plant and fungal nitrate reductases3614 K
Thioredoxin reductases7531 K
Trypanothione reductases53 K