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Steroid carbon nomenclature

Trivial name: Androstenedione
Systematic name: Androst-4-ene-3,17-dione
Molecular formula: C19H26O2
CAS Number: 63-05-8
Merck Index (11th Ed) Number: 671


Pathway: Androstenedione -> 6ß-Hydroxyadrostenedione
Reaction: steroid ß-hydroxylation at C6
Enzyme: steroid 6ß-hydroxylase, CYP3A [1]
EC Enzyme: P450HP, CYP4B1 [2]

Substrate [3]

Pathway: Androstenedione -> 11ß-Hydroxyandrostenedione
Reaction: steroid ß-hydroxylation at C11
Enzyme: P450c11 (steroid 11ß-hydroxylase), CYP11B

Substrate [4]

Pathway: Androstenedione -> 15alpha-Hydroxyandrostenedione
Reaction: steroid alpha-hydroxylation at C15
Enzyme: P45015alpha (steroid 15alpha-hydroxylase), CYP2B

Substrate [4]

Pathway: Androstenedione -> 16alpha-Hydroxyandrostenedione
Reaction: steroid alpha-hydroxylation at C16
Enzyme: P45016alpha (steroid 16alpha-hydroxylase), CYP2B

Substrate [4]

Pathway: Androstenedione -> 16ß-Hydroxyandrostenedione
Reaction: steroid ß-hydroxylation at C16
Enzyme: P45016ß (steroid 16ß-hydroxylase), CYP2B

Substrate [3]

Pathway: Androstenedione -> 19-Hydroxyandrostenedione
Reaction: steroid hydroxylation at C19
Enzyme: P450c19 (steroid 19-hydroxylase), CYP11B

Substrate [1]

Pathway: Androstenedione -> Estrone + HCOOH
Reaction: aromatase (aromatisation of the A ring and C19 demethylation)
Enzyme: P450arom (aromatase), CYP19

Product [1]

Pathway: 17alpha-Hydroxyprogesterone -> Androstenedione + Acetate
Reaction: cleavage of steroid C17-C20 bond
Enzyme: P450c17 (steroid 17alpha-hydroxylase/17,20-lyase), CYP17


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