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Disclaimer itself

This server is a non-profit service to the scientific community. Although considerable efforts have been made to eliminate mistakes, the material assembled here is not warranted to be free of error (sic!) We also have no intention to compile exhaustive bibliography on P450s. In particular, we do not collect references covering variability of P450 in human populations, carcinogenesis and clinical aspects of P450 systems. The modest information on genetic diseases relevant to P450 systems can be found at our list of OMIM entries. Any practical use of the data provided here is beyond our comprehension (that's true) and should be made at your own risk (are you surprised?) To avoid any misunderstanding, please treat all the documents found here as ones from workbench of KND rather than something else. If you want to use tables and figures in publications without permission... nevertheless, try to inform us prior it by email. We already have one letter of this kind in our collection. KND also collects stamps, so if you will find good ones, you can send your letter by post.

Our Disclaimer undergoes constant modifications and improvements, if not saying more. Those who don't believe can read what is written below.

Yours sincerely,
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