Accession numbers for cytochromes b5

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Cytochrome b5

Species abbreviations

Cytochromes b5 are ubiquitous electron transport haemoproteins found in animals, plants and yeasts. The microsomal and mitochondrial variants are membrane-bound, while those from erythrocytes and other animal tissues are water-soluble.

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF   
cyb5      bov  F24211  S03428  P00171  M63326  M63327  M63328  M63329  0409321A
               S07963  A47215          M63330  M97760  X13617  L22966  1106188A
                                       S65777  S65778  S65779  S65780  1504332A
                                       J02905                          1803548B
          hum  A00167  A28936  P00167  M22865  M60174  M22976  S76422  1106188B
               B24211  S04976          L39792  L39941  L39942  L39943  1414197A
               JN0075                  L39944  L39945                  1513199A
          mon  A00167  S07959  P00168
          hor  A92196  S07964  P00170
          pig  C24211  D24211  P00172                                  0310222A
               S07962                                                  1106188C
          rab  S03373  S29841  P00169  M24844  Z14091                  0511286A
               A61482                                                  1501410A
               JN0316  S29841          D10901                          1814252A
          ham                          U71399
          rat  JS0745  A23338  P00173  D13205  M14992                  0806161A
               S28404                                                  1205244A
               A00173          P04166  X96392
          ART                          U24681
          chi  A00174  A28811  P00174  M32293  M18539                  1410169A
               S10746  S04977                                          1513199B
          Mdo                  P49096  L38464
          Dme  S05441          P19967  X15008
          Dvi                  P50266  U12418                          2202286A
          Asu                          D64008
          Cel                          Z74038  Z78539  Z81052
          Sce  S47919          P40312  L22494                          2011253A
          Ath                          F20001
          Bol                  P40934  M87514                          1905426A
          Cre                  P49097  L22209                          2024271A
          Nta  S25523  S33157  P49098  X71441  X68140                  2017375A
               S46306  S49200  P49099  X80008                          2208479A
          Osa  S38582  S46307  P49100  D10954  X75670                  2017375B
cyb5P     bov                          S65765
          hum                          M64714  X53941

MIPS protein superfamily: 0026.0

MIPS protein domain family: 00006

Pfam family: PF00173

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Species abbreviations

ART = artificial gene
Asu = Ascaris suum (parasitic nematode) 
Ath = Arabidopsis thaliana
Bol = Brassica oleracea (wild cabbage)
bov = bovine
Cel = Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode worm)
chi = chicken
Cre = Cuscuta reflexa (southern Asian dodder)
Dme = Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)
Dvi = Drosophila virilis (fruit fly)
ham = hamster
hor = horse
hum = human
Mdo = Musca domestica (house fly)
mon = howler monkey
Nta = Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco)
Osa = Oryza sativa (rice)
pig = pig
rab = rabbit
rat = rat
Sce = Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast)

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