EC numbers for P450 enzymes

Compiled by Kirill Degtyarenko

Last modified: Mon May 10 11:13:17 BST 2004

The P450 enzymes constitute a large superfamily of haem-thiolate proteins involved in the metabolism of a wide variety of both exogenous and endogenous compounds (for a list of relevant papers, click here). Usually, they act as terminal oxidase in multicomponent electron transfer chains, called here P450-containing monooxygenase systems. Most of P450s currently are classified, often misleadingly, as unspecific monooxygenases (EC Majority (marked by *) of the reaction equations and systematic names in the EC entries for P450s contain NADPH. Therefore, these reactions are true for the entire system (consisting of P450 and NADPH:ferrihemoprotein reductase, EC, but not for P450 alone.

List of relevant EC numbers

EC Recommended name Family/gene * secologanin synthase CYP72A1 * trans-cinnamate 4-monooxygenase CYP73 * benzoate 4-monooxygenase CYP53 * calcidiol 1-monooxygenase CYP27 * cholestanetriol 26-monooxygenase CYP27 * cholesterol 7alpha-monooxygenase CYP7 * flavonoid 3'-monooxygenase CYP75 * 3,9-dihydroxypterocarpan 6a-monooxygenase CYP93A1 * leukotriene-B4 20-monooxygenase CYP4F * methyltetrahydroprotoberberine 14-monooxygenase CYP93A1 * tyrosine N-monooxygenase CYP79 * hydroxyphenylacetonitrile 2-monooxygenase
- * (-)-limonene 3-monooxygenase
- * (-)-limonene 6-monooxygenase
- * (-)-limonene 7-monooxygenase
- * isoflavone 3'-hydroxylase
- * isoflavone 2'-hydroxylase
- * protopine 6-monooxygenase
- * dihydrosanguinarine 10-monooxygenase
- * dihydrochelirubine 12-monooxygenase
- * 27-hydroxycholesterol 7alpha-monooxygenase
- * sterol 14-demethylase CYP51 * N-methylcoclaurine 3'-monooxygenase CYP80B1 * tabersonine 16-hydroxylase CYP71D12 * 7-deoxyloganin 7-hydroxylase
- * vinorine hydroxylase
- * taxane 10beta-hydroxylase CYP725A1 * taxane 13alpha-hydroxylase CYP725A2 * ent-kaurene oxidase CYP701 * ent-kaurenoic acid oxidase CYP88A unspecific monooxygenase multiple camphor 5-monooxygenase CYP101 alkane 1-monooxygenase CYP4A steroid 11beta-monooxygenase CYP11B corticosterone 18-monooxygenase CYP11B cholesterol monooxygenase (side-chain-cleaving) CYP11A * (S)-stylopine synthase
- * (S)-cheilanthifoline synthase
- * berbamunine synthase CYP80 * salutaridine synthase
- * (S)-canadine synthase
- steroid 17alpha-monooxygenase CYP17 steroid 21-monooxygenase CYP21 ecdysone 20-monooxygenase
- linalool 8-monooxygenase CYP111 hydroperoxide dehydratase CYP74 prostaglandin-I synthase CYP8 thromboxane-A synthase CYP5

* : reaction equations and systematic names contain NADPH.

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