Accession numbers for plant P450 sequences

Compiled by David R. Nelson [Nelson et al. (1996) Pharmacogenetics 6, 1-42]

Updated by Kirill Degtyarenko

Last modified: Thu Apr 15 16:56:00 BST 2004

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Species abbreviations

P450 enzymes constitute a superfamily of haem-thiolate proteins, widely distributed in bacteria, fungi, plants and animals. The enzymes are involved in metabolism of a plethora of both exogenous and endogenous compounds. Usually, they act as terminal oxidases in multicomponent electron transfer chains, called here P450-containing monooxygenase systems.

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF   

CYP51     Sbi                  P93846  U74319
CYP51     Tae                  P93596  Y09291 
                               P93595  Y09292

CYP71A1   Pam  A35867          P24465  M32885                          1608254A
CYP71A2   Sme  S36806          P37118  X71654  D14990                 
CYP71A3   Sme  S36807          P37119  X70982                          1920266B
CYP71A4   Sme  S36805          P37117  X70981                          1920266A
CYP71A5   Nra                  O04163  Y09423
CYP71A6   Nra                  O04164  Y09424
CYP71A7   Cro                  Q08568  X69779
CYP71A8   Mpi  S45039          Q42716  Z33875
CYP71A?   pea                  Q40985  U29334
CYP71A?   Soc                  P93530  U48434
CYP71A?   Soc                  P93531  U48435

CYP71B1   Tar                  P49264  L24438                          2018333A
CYP71B2   Ath                  Q41953  Z18072
CYP71B7   Ath                  Q96514  X97864

CYP71C1   mze                  Q43254  X81827 
                               Q43250  X81828
CYP71C2   mze                  Q43255  X81829
                               O04991  Y11404
CYP71C3   mze                  Q43256  X81830
                               P93703  Y11403
CYP71C4   mze                  Q43257  X81831 
                               O04990  Y11368 

CYP71D3   Ath                          Z27299

CYP72A1   Cro                  Q05047  L10081                          1909351A

CYP72B1   Cro                  Q42700  L19074                         

CYP72C1   Cro                  Q42701  L19075                         
CYP72     Ath                          T13009
CYP72?    pea                  Q40986  U29335

CYP73A1   Htu  S28495  A47454  Q04468  Z17369                         
CYP73A2   Pau  JC1458          P37115  L07634                          1908190A
CYP73A3   Msa  S36878          P37114  L11046                          1922196A
CYP73A4   Cro                  P48522  Z32563
                               Q08577  X69788
CYP73A5   Ath                          T04086
CYP73A9   pea                  Q43067  U29243                          2209439A
CYP73A10  Pec                  Q43033  L38898
CYP73A11  Gma                  Q42797  X92437
CYP73A12  Zel                  Q43240  U19922
CYP73A14  Gec                  Q96423  D87520
CYP73A    Pki                  Q40906  D82812  D82813  D82814  D82815
CYP73A    Ptr                          U47293
CYP73A    Ath                  P92993  U71080 
CYP73A    Ath                  P92994  U71081  U93215
CYP73A    Gec                  P93146  D89430

CYP73B    Pki                  Q40907  D82813

CYP73C    Pki                  Q40909  D82814

CYP74A1   flx                  P48417  U00428                       
CYP74A2   gua                  Q40778  X78166  
CYP74A3   Ath                          T20864

CYP75A1   Phy  S32110          P48418  X71130                         
               S33521  S38985          Z22545
CYP75A2   Sme  S43342          P37120  X70824                          2006435A
CYP75A3   Phy  S33515  S38984  P48419  Z22544
CYP75A4   Gtr                  Q96581  D85184
CYP75A5   Egr                  Q96418  U72654
CYP75     Cme                          D14590

CYP76A1   Sme  S38535          P37121  X71658                          1924180B
CYP76A2   Sme  S38534          P37122  X71657                          1924180A

CYP77A1   Sme  S40267          P37123  X71656                          2005185A
CYP77A2   Sme  S40266  S41598  P37124  X71655                         

CYP78     mze                  P48420  L23209  T15323                  2017366A

CYP79     Sbi                  Q43135  U32624                          2123219A

CYP80     Bst                  P47195  U09610

CYP82     pea                  Q43068  U29333                          2209439B

CYP83     Ath                  P48421  U18929                          2118365A

CYP84     Ath                  Q42600  U38416

CYP85     Sly                  Q43147  U54770

CYP86A1   Ath                  P48422  X90458
CYP86A2   Ath                          T04172
CYP86A?   Ath                  O04948  AC000103

CYP88A1   mze                  Q43246  U32579

CYP89A2   Ath                  Q42602  U61231

CYP?      Ath                          Z33677  Z33828  Z33963  Z34697 
CYP?      Ath                          Z35025                         
CYP?      Ath                          Z33831  Z35218                 

CYP90     Ath                  Q42569  X87367  X87368  Z17988  Z26124
CYP90?    Ath                  O04949  AC001229

CYP92A1   mze
CYP92A2   Nta                  Q43795  X95342
CYP92A3   Nta                  Q42959  X96784

CYP93A1   Gma                  Q42798  D83968                          2209281A
CYP93A2   Gma                  Q42799  D86351

CYP97A2   pea                  Q43078  Z49263

CYP?      Nta                  O04892  D64052

CYP?      Gec                  P93146  D89430
CYP?      Gec                  P93147  D89431
CYP?      Gec                  P93148  D89432
CYP?      Gec                  P93149  D89433
CYP?      Gec                  P93150  D89434
CYP?      Gec                  P93151  D89435
CYP?      Gec                  P93152  D89436

We use combined listing of GenBank, EMBL and DDBJ accession numbers because they use common numbering.

Some sequences can be identified from N-terminal sequences as belonging to a subfamily. These have been included in the listing of the subfamily even though it is premature to assign a specific number to these sequences.

Pfam family: PF00067

Species abbreviations

Ath = Arabidopsis thaliana
Bst = Berberis stolonifera (barberry)
Cme = Campanula medium
Cro = Catharanthus roseus (syn. Vinca rosea, Madagascar periwinkle)
Egr = Eustoma grandiflorum (lisianthus)
flx = flax
Gec = Glycyrrhiza echinata
Gma = Glycine max (soybean)
Gtr = Gentiana triflora
gua = guayule (Parthenium argentatum)
Htu = Helianthus tuberosus (Jerusalem artichoke)
Mpi = Mentha piperita
Msa = Medicago sativa (alfalfa)
mze = maize (Zea mays)
Nra = Nepeta racemosa
Nta = Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco)
Pam = Persea americana (avocado)
Pau = Phaseolus aureus (syn. Vigna radiata, mung bean)
pea = garden pea (Pisum sativum)
Pec = Petroselinum crispum
Phy = Petunia hybrida cv. Blue Star
Pki = Populus kitakamiensis
Ptr = Populus tremuloides (quaking aspen)
Sbi = Sorghum bicolor
Sly = Solanum lycopersicum
Sme = Solanum melongena cv. Sinsadoharanasu (eggplant)
Soc = Solanum chacoense (Chaco potato)
Tae = Triticum aestivum (wheat)
Tar = Thlaspi arvense
Vsa = Vicia sativa
Zel = Zinnia elegans

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