Accession numbers for animal P450 sequences. Families CYP3 through CYP6

Compiled by David R. Nelson [Nelson et al. (1996) Pharmacogenetics 6, 1-42]

Updated by Kirill Degtyarenko

Last modified: Thu Apr 15 16:55:12 BST 2004

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Unidentified sequences

Species abbreviations

P450 enzymes constitute a superfamily of haem-thiolate proteins, widely distributed in bacteria, fungi, plants and animals. The enzymes are involved in metabolism of a plethora of both exogenous and endogenous compounds. Usually, they act as terminal oxidases in multicomponent electron transfer chains, called here P450-containing monooxygenase systems.

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF   
CYP3A1    rat  A22631          P04800  M10161  X62086  D13912          1107256A
               S39797                  D29967  L24207                  2002214A
                               Q64580  X64401
                               Q64590  M28452
CYP3A2    rat  A25222          P05183  M13646  X62087  M74443          1208360A
                                       U09725  U09726  U09727  U09728 
                                       U09729  U09730  U09731  U09732 
                                       U09733  U09734  X79319  X79320 
CYP3A1 or 3A2  B26997  A26997          M86850                         
CYP3A3    hum  A25170  A29410  P05184  D00003  M13785  X12387          1208395A
CYP3A4    hum  A25517  A29815  P08684  M14096  M18907  X12387  D11131  1212387A
               A32199  S16900  Q16757  J04449                          1404264A
CYP3A5    hum  S06491  A34101  P20815  J04813  L35912                  1510260A
CYP3A5P   hum                          L26985
CYP3A6    rab  A29487  A34236  P11707  M19139  U40569                  1403281A
                               Q29506  J05034                          1515287A
CYP3A7    hum  S04983  S02152  P24462  D00408                          1504252A
CYP3A8    mon  S28168          P33268  S53047                          1905232C
               S04509          P25231                                 
CYP3A9    rat                  P51538  U60085
                               Q64557  U46118
CYP3A10   ham  A40843                  M73992  S79317
Cyp3a-11  mou  S22334          Q64459  X60452  D28565                  1813172A
CYP3A12   dog  S14275          P24463  X54915                          1707145A
Cyp3a-13  mou  S18155          Q64464  X63023                          2105184A
CYP3A14   gpi                  Q64417  D16363 
                               Q64407  D49731                         
CYP3A15   gpi                  Q64406  D26487
Cyp3a-16  mou                  Q64481  D26137                          2104197A
CYP3A17   gpi                  Q64409  D28515
CYP3A18   rat  S47471          Q64581  X79991                          2106148A
CYP3A19   got                  P79152  X76503
CYP3A23   rat  JX0334          Q06884  X96721                          2015293A
CYP3A24   she  A60728          Q29496  U59378
CYP3A25   mou                  O09158  Y11995
CYP3A29   pig                  P79401  Z93099
CYP3A     pig                  Q29598  F14604
CYP3A     rat  PX0033                                                
CYP3A     bab  S21176          P80056
CYP3A     bov                  P79102  Y10214

CYP4A1    rat  S01336  B32965  P08516  M14972  M33937  M57718  X07259  1516169A
CYP4A2    rat  A32965          P20816  M33938  M57719                  1516169B
CYP4A3    rat  A27700  A32966  P20817  M33936                          1516170A
CYP4A2 or 4A3  A26380  S09074                                        
CYP4A4    rab  A29368          P10611  J02818                          1908184A
                               Q02927  L04758
CYP4A5    rab  A34260  S14761  P14579  M28655  X57209                  1709201A
CYP4A6    rab  B34260  A34160  P14580  M28656  M29531  L04755          1602211A
CYP4A7    rab  C34260  B34160  P14581  J05150  M29530  M28657          1602211B
CYP4A8    rat  A36304          P24464  M37828                          1701272A
CYP4A9    hum                                                         
Cyp4a-10  mou  S35608          Q06772  X69296  X71478                  2017209A
CYP4A11   hum  S29845  S35609  Q02928  L04751  S67580  D26481          1908216A
                               Q16802  D13705  S67581                  2003235A
                               Q06766  X71480
Cyp4a-12  mou  S35610          Q06767  X71479
CYP4A13   gpi  S32714  S35611  Q06768  X71481                         
Cyp4a-14  mou                          Y11638  Y11639  Y11640  Y11641
CYP4A     rab  PQ0048
CYP4A     cat                  O02845  U91787
Cyp4a     mou                          Y10221  Y10222

CYP4B1    hum  S07765          P13584  J02871  X16699                  1515193A
          rat  PQ0092  B40164  P15129  M29853                          1509332B
          rab  A40164          P15128  M29852                          1509332A
Cyp4b-1   mou                          D50834                          2119162A

CYP4C1    Bld  A39381          P29981  M63798                          1711468A
CYP4C2    Aal  PC2257          Q16903  L38678                          2102220A
CYP4C3    Dme                  Q24121  U34323

CYP4C8    Mda                  P91762  U77126

CYP4C?    Cel                          Z74043

CYP4D1    Dme  S25707          P33269  X67645                          1814309A
CYP4D2    Dme  S41192  S34291  Q27588  Z23005                          2015216A
                               Q27589  X75955
CYP4D5    Aal  PC2270          Q16904  L38679
CYP4D6    Aal  PC2271          Q16905  L38680
CYP4D7    Aal  PC2272          Q16906  L38681
CYP4D8    Dme                  Q24127  U34329

CYP4E1    Dme                          K00045
CYP4E2    Dme                  Q27606  U56957 
                               Q24291  X86076
                               Q24130  U34332 
CYP4E3    Dme                  Q24128  U34330
CYP4E4    Dme                  Q24129  U34331

CYP4F1    rat  S29723          P33274  M94548  S53039                  1907136A
CYP4F2    hum                  Q16677  U02388 
                               P78329  D26480                
CYP4F3    hum  A46661          Q08477  D12620  D12621  S63604          1914182A
CYP4F4    rat                  P51869  U39206                          2205230A
CYP4F5    rat                  P51870  U39207                          2205230B
CYP4F6    rat                  P51871  U39208                          2205230C

CYP4G1    Dme                  Q24126  U34328

CYP4H1    Aal  PC2261          Q16907  L38682
CYP4H2    Aal  PC2262          Q16908  L38683
CYP4H3    Aal  PC2263          Q16909  L38684
CYP4H4    Aal  PC2264          Q16910  L38685
CYP4H5    Aal  PC2265          Q16911  L38686
CYP4H6    Aal  PC2266          Q16912  L38687
CYP4H7    Aal  PC2267          Q16913  L38688
CYP4H8    Aal  PC2268          Q16914  L38689
CYP4H9    Aal  PC2269          Q16915  L38690

CYP4J1    Aal  PC2258          Q16916  L38691
CYP4J2    Aal  PC2259          Q16917  L38692
CYP4J3    Aal  PC2260          Q16918  L38693

CYP4K1    Aal  PC2273          Q16919  L38694

CYP4L1    Mse                  Q25505  L38668                          2119160A
CYP4L2    Mse                  Q25506  L38669                          2119160B

CYP4M1    Mse                  Q25507  L38670                          2119160C
CYP4M2    Mse                  Q25508  L38671
CYP4M3    Mse                  Q25509  L38672

CYP4P1    Dme                  Q24125  U34327

CYP4T1    tro                  P79835  U82983

CYP4(EST) Cel                          M89401                         

CYP4(EST) Cel                          M80176                         

CYP5A1    hum  A41766  S10750  P24557  M74055  M80646  M80647  S60133  1715147A
                               Q16844  D34613  D34614  D34615  D34616  1805282A
                                       D34617  D34618  D34619  D34620  1805282B
                                       D34621  D34622  D34623  D34624  2019278A
                                       D34625  S51388  U88978
          rat  S42404          P49430  D28773  S69335                  2007255A
          pig                  P47787  L13128                          2008200A
Cyp5a-1   mou  JN0683          P36423  L18868                          1919229A
                                       U41326  U41327  U41328  U41329
                                       U41330  U41331  U41332  U41333
                                       U41334  U41335  U41336  U41337

CYP6A1    Mdo  A32157          P13527  M25367                          1505396A
                               Q27703  L27241  L27242                  2019323A
CYP6A2    Dme  A45378  A47198  P33270  M88009  S51248  S81983          1812334A
                               P91669  U78088
CYP6A3    Mdo                  Q27691  U09231
CYP6A4    Mdo                  Q27692  U09232
CYP6A5    Mdo                  Q27694  U09343
CYP6A6    Mdo                  Q27695  U09344
CYP6A     Dme                  Q27592  L46858    
CYP6A8    Dme                  Q27593  L46859
CYP6A9    Dme                  Q27594  L46860
          Dgr                  O01648  U87164

CYP6A?    Cca                  P90730  U78795

CYP6B1v1  Ppx  A46367          Q04552  M80828                          1902339A
CYP6B1v2  Ppx                  Q04552  M83117                          2011165B
CYP6B1v3  Ppx                  Q27878  Z29624  U05037                  2018305A
CYP6B2    Har                  Q27664  U18085                          2202248A
CYP6B3v1  Ppx                  Q27756  U25819 
CYP6B3v2  Ppx                  Q95038  U65488
CYP6B4v1  Ptg                  Q27902  U47059
CYP6B4v2  Ptg                  Q95035  U65489
CYP6B5v1  Ptg                  Q95036  U65490
CYP6B     Har                  Q95031  U64800

CYP6C1    Mdo                  Q27693  U09233
CYP6C2    Mdo                  Q27696  U09345

CYP6D1    Mdo                  Q27697  U15168                          2111312A
                               Q27698  U22362
                               Q27699  U22366
                               Q27700  U22367

We use combined listing of GenBank, EMBL and DDBJ accession numbers because they use common numbering.

Some sequences can be identified from N-terminal sequences as belonging to a subfamily. These have been included in the listing of the subfamily even though it is premature to assign a specific number to these sequences.

Pfam family: PF00067

Species abbreviations

Aal = Anopheles albimanus (mosquito)
bab = baboon (Papio species)
Bld = Blaberus discoidalis (cockroach)
bov = bovine
cat = cat (Felis catus)
Cca = Ceratitis capitata (Mediterranean fruit fly)
Cel = Caenorhabditis elegans (nematode worm)
Chc = Chaetodon capistratus
chi = chicken
Dgr = Drosophila grimshawi (Hawaiian picture-winged Drosophila)
Dme = Drosophila melanogaster (fruit fly)
dog = dog
fro = bullfrog (Rana catesbeiana)
gol = goldfish
got = goat
gpi = guinea pig
ham = hamster
Har = Helicoverpa armigera
hor = horse
hum = human
Hvi = Heliothis virescens
Ipu = Ictalurus punctatus (channel catfish)
jqu = japanese quail
Lst = Lymnaea stagnalis (pond snail)
Mda = Mastotermes darwiniensis (Australian termite)
Mdo = Musca domestica (house fly)
mon = monkey
mou = mouse
Mse = Manduca sexta (tobacco hornworm)
Mto = Microgadus tomcod
Ota = Opsanus tau (toadfish)
pig = pig
pla = Pleuronectes platessa (plaice)
Ppx = Papilio polyxenes (black swallowtail butterfly)
Ptg = Pterourus glaucus
rab = rabbit
rat = rat
Rcu = Romanomermis culicivorax (nematode)
Sch = Stenotomus chrysops (scup)
she = sheep
tro = trout

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