Accession numbers for ferredoxin:NADP+ reductase superfamily

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Ferredoxin:NADP+ reductases
NADH:cytochrome b5 reductases
fre/luxG NAD(P)H:flavin reductases
Flavodoxin/FNR fusion proteins
FNR/[Fe2S2] ferredoxin fusion proteins
[Fe2S2] ferredoxin/FNR fusion proteins
NADH:nitrate reductases
NAD(P)H:nitrate reductases
NADPH:nitrate reductases

Species abbreviations

Enzymes belonging to ferredoxin:NADP+ reductase superfamily, also referred to as the flavoprotein pyridine nucleotide cytochrome reductases (FPNCR), catalyse the interchange of reducing equivalents between one-electron carriers and the two-electron-carrying nicotinamide dinucleotides. This superfamily includes ferredoxin:NADP+ reductases (FNR), plant and fungal NAD(P)H:nitrate reductases, NADH:cytochrome b5 reductases, NADPH:P450 reductases, NADPH:sulphite reductases, nitric oxide synthases, phthalate dioxygenase reductase, and number of other flavoproteins.

A. Ferredoxin:NADP+ reductases (EC

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF   


petH      Chr                  P53991  U10545  X78851                  2104458A
          Cpa  S33545          Q00598  X66372                          1916425A
          Mcr                  P41343  M25528                          1604475A
          mze                          U10418                          2105404A
          Osa                  P41344  D17790  D12815                  2012373A
                               P41345  D17410  D38445                  2005157A
          pea  S04030          P10933  X12446  M21449
          Sol  S00438          P00455  X07981  X64351                  1102171A
          Spi  A00531          P00454                                  1005223A
          Voc                          U22328
          Vfa                  P41346  U14956


petH      Ana  A27581  S13103  P21890  X72394  X54039                  1704334A
               S33479  S35150                                          1921377A
          Ava                  Q44549  L26346
          Azv                          L36319
          Syn  B42194          P31973  M86234  M99378  D90914          1809159A
                               Q55318  X94297
fpr       Eco  A26225  B45248  P28861  L04757  Z11767  M19644  L19201  1909223A
          Sfl  S23906          P28901  Z11766

MIPS protein superfamily: 0209.0

Pfam family: PF00175

B. NADH:cytochrome b5 reductases (EC

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF   
DIA1      bov  A23896          P07514  M83104                          1111250A
          hum  JS0468  B26616  P00387  M16461  M16462  T09077  M28705  1203280A
                                       M28706  M28707  M28708  M28709  1516206A
                                       M28710  M28711  M28712  M28713  1707155A
                                       S79503  S79504
          rat  JX0119          P20070  J03867  X77117  D00718  D00636  1413360A
               S23641  S42567          X65190  X65191                  1612299A
          ART                          U24681
cbr1      Sce  S49935          P38626  Z28365                          2006246A
mcr1      Sce  A55196          P36060  Z28150  Z26877                  2102246A

MIPS protein superfamily: 0120.0

MIPS protein domain family: 00050

Pfam family: PF00175

C. fre/luxG NAD(P)H:flavin reductases

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF

fre       Eco  A39434  S30735  P23486  M61182  M85227                  1714260A
fre       Plu                  P43129  D17745                          2014288A
fre       Vfi                  P43126  D17744                          
fre       Vha                  P43127  D17746  D14674                  2013211A
fre       Vor                  P43128  D17747

luxG      Ple  S17956          P29237  M63594  M90094                  1718204F
luxG      Pph  S15162                                                  1716371B
luxG      Vfi  A37830          P24273  M62812                          1704212A
luxG      Vha  B35081          P16447  M27139  M28815                  1604353A

Pfam family: PF00175

Proteins containing FNR-like domain:

D. Flavodoxin/FNR fusion proteins: NADPH:P450 reductase, nitric oxide synthase and NADPH:sulphite reductase. Pfam families: PF00175, PF00258

E. FNR/[Fe2S2] ferredoxin fusion proteins

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF  

pdr       Pce  A44230          P33164
vanA      Pse  B43652          P12580  M22077                          1414284B

pobB      Pps  S44172                  X78823

hydG      Pfu  S48834                  X75255

asrB      Sty  B38453          P26475  M57706

Pfam families: PF00175, PF00111

F. [Fe2S2] ferredoxin/FNR fusion proteins

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF

mmoC      Mca  JQ0701          P22868  M58498                          1615191A
          Mtr  C48360                                                  1810222B

xylA      Psp  B37316          P21394  M37480                          1710225B
xylZ      Psp  C41659  S23484  P23101  M64747                          1804276C
benC      Aca  S23479          P07771  M76990                          1717285C
dmpP      Psp  F37831          P19734  M60276  D28864                  1704214F

cbdC      Pce                          X79076                          2104332C
phhP      Psp  S44308                  X79063
nahAa     Psp  JN0640  JN0642          M83949  M83950                  1913323A
pahA      Pae                          D84146
pahAa     Psp  A55217                  D16629                          2010298A
phlF      Psp  S47419                  X80765                          2113345F
ORF6      Aca  S47292                  Z36909
          Hin                          U32702
tbuC      Ppi                          U04052                          2107227F
tmoF      Pme  A47016          Q03304  M95045                          1902250A

ascD      Yps  B47070  A36952  P37911  L25594                          2004328A

rfbI      Sty  S15303          P26395  X56793

nqr6      Val                          D49364 

Pfam families: PF00111, PF00175

G. Molybdopterin/cytochrome b5/FNR fusion proteins: plant and fungal nitrate reductases

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF 

NADH:nitrate reductases (EC

nia1      Ath  S01640  S35228  P11832  Z19050  J03240  X13434  X13436  1410332A
               S32018                                                  1501231A
          Bna                  P39867  D38219 
          Hvu  S17453          P27967  X57845
          mze  S19254  S51160  P17571  M27821  M77792
          Nta  S04838          P11605  X14058                          1713435A
          Osa  S07554          P16081  X15819  X15820                  1807350A
          Pvu  S25445          P39865  X53603

nia2      Ath  A31821          P11035  X13435  S45384  S45385  S45386
          Bna                  P39868  D38220
          Gma                  P39870  U13987
          Hvu  S17454          P27969  X57844
          Nta  S04839          P08509  X14059  X06134                  1713435B
          Pvu                  P39866  U01029

nia3      mze                  P49102  U20450

nia       Ast                          L40147
          Bba                  P43100  X84950
          Cin  S52301  S52302  P43101  X84102  X84103
          Cum  A41667          P17569  M33154                          1802323A
          Gma                  P54233  L23853  L23854  L23855
          Hbo                          L40148
          Hch                          L40149
          Hle                          L40150
          Les  JQ0373          P17570  X14060                          1605200A
          Lja  S47029          P39869  X80670
          Lte                  P39882  L16780
          Npl                          S61885 
          Phy  JN0665          P36859  L13691  L11563  U27320  U27321  1916244A
          rye                          L40154
          Sol  S11868          P23312  M32600  U08029  D86226          1710334A
          ART                          L27087

agnr1     Agi                          U64308
agnr2     Agi                          U64309
agnr3     Agi                          U64310

nit1      Chr                          M26074  M26075
          Chv  S17197          Q01170  X56771  U39930  U39931          1717152A
nitA      Voc  JC1422          P36841  X64136                          1819279A

niaA      Pin                  P39864  U14405
niaD      Ani  JQ1525          P36858  M77022                          1810302A
          Aor  JC4283                  D49701                          2121256A
          Apa                          U38948
          Bfu                          U43783
          Eni  JH0182          P22945  M58291                          1615178B
          Gfu                          X90699
          Lma                  P36842  U04445                          2018263A
          Pch                          U20779

nia       Fox  JN0803          P39863  Z22549                          1921204A
          Sce                          Z46660 

ynr1      Hpo                  P49050  Z49110                          2114300A

nar1      Uma  JN0804          Q05531  X67687                          1921205A

stNR2     Stu                          U76701

NAD(P)H:nitrate reductases (EC

nia1      Bpe  S15959          P27783  X54097                          1715328A
nar7      Hvu  S16895          P27968  X60173                          1718322A
nar       mze  S24544          P39871  X64446

NADPH:nitrate reductases (EC

nit3      Ncr  S16292  S34796  P08619  X61303                          1714355A

MIPS protein superfamily: 0132.0

MIPS protein domain families: 00006, 00050, 00259

Pfam families: PF00173, PF00174, PF00175

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H. Globin/FNR fusion proteins: flavohaemoglobins

 Gene   Species      PIR     SwissProt       GenBank/EMBL/DDBJ            PRF

fhp       Cno  S26964          Q03331  X68849
fhp       Sce  A45383  B45383  P39676  L07070  L07071                  1812340A
fhp       Aeu  A53396  S42483  P39662  X74334                          2008248A

hmp       Eco  S15992  S21161  P24232  X58872                          1712307A
hmp       Sty  A48427          P26353  X15816
hmp       Vpa                  P40609  U09005                          2020351E

hmpX      Ech                          X75893     

Pfam families: PF00042, PF00175

Species abbreviations

Aca = Acinetobacter calcoaceticus
Aeu = Alcaligenes eutrophus
Ana = Anabaena species
Ani = Aspergillus niger
Aor = Aspergillus oryzae
Apa = Aspergillus parasiticus
ART = artificial gene
Ast = Avena strigosa
Ath = Arabidopsis thaliana
Ava = Anabaena variabilis
Azv = Azotobacter vinelandii
Bba = Beauveria bassiana
Bfu = Botryotinia fuckeliana
Bna = Brassica napus (rape)
bov = bovine
Bpe = Betula pendula (white birch)
chi = chicken
Chr = Chlamydomonas reinhardtii 
Chv = Chlorella vulgaris (Chlorella kessleri)
Cin = Cichorium intybus
Cno = Candida norvegensis (Candida mycoderma)
Cpa = Cyanophora paradoxa
Cum = Cucurbita maxima (winter squash)
Ech = Erwinia chrysanthemi
Eco = Escherichia coli
Eni = Emericella nidulans (syn. Aspergillus nidulans)
Fox = Fusarium oxysporum
Gfu = Gibberella fujikuroi
Gma = Glycine max (soybean)
Han = Hansenula anomala (syn. Candida pelliculosa)
Hbo = Hordeum bogdanii
Hch = Hordeum chilense
Hin = Haemophilus influenzae
Hle = Hordeum lechleri
Hpo = Hansenula polymorpha
hum = human
Hvu = Hordeum vulgare (barley)
Les = Lycopersicon esculentum (tomato)
Lja = Lotus japonicus
Lma = Leptosphaeria maculans
Lte = Lotus tetragonolobus (winged bean)
Mca = Methylococcus capsulatus
Mcr = Mesembryanthemum crystallinum
Mtr = Methylosinus trichosporium
mze = maize (Zea mays)
Ncr = Neurospora crassa
Npl = Nicotiana plumbaginifolia (tobacco)
Nta = Nicotiana tabacum (tobacco)
Osa = Oryza sativa (rice)
Pae = Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Pce = Pseudomonas cepacia (Burkholderia cepacia)
Pch = Penicillium chrysogenum
pea = garden pea (Pisum sativum)
Pfu = Pyrococcus furiosus
Phy = Petunia hybrida
Pin = Phytophthora infestans
Ple = Photobacterium leiognathi
Plu = Photorhabdus luminescens
Pme = Pseudomonas mendocina
Pph = Photobacterium phosphoreum
Ppi = Pseudomonas pickettii
Pps = Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenes
Pse = Pseudomonas species
Pvu = Phaseolus vulgaris (French bean)
rat = rat
rye = rye (Secale cereale)
Sce = Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's yeast)
Ser = Saccharopolyspora erythraea
Sfl = Shigella flexneri
Sol = Spinacia oleracea (spinach)
Spi = Spirulina species
Stu = Solanum tuberosum
Sty = Salmonella typhimurium
Syn = Synechococcus species
Uma = Ustilago maydis (smut fungus)
Val = Vibrio alginolyticus
Vfa = Vicia faba (broad bean)
Vha = Vibrio harveyi
Voc = Volvox carteri 
Vor = Vibrio orientalis
Vpa = Vibrio parahaemolyticus
Yps = Yersinia pseudotuberculosis

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