Directory of P450-containing Systems

The goal of this www Directory is to facilitate access to electronic resources world-wide for all researchers working in the field of P450 proteins and P450-containing systems.

Databases currently linked are: SWISS-PROT, EMBL, PDB, Entrez, PROSITE, PRINTS, ENZYME, and LIGAND.

  1. Components of P450-containing systems

  2. EC numbers for P450 enzymes

  3. Steroid ligands of P450s

  4. Selected references on P450-containing systems

  5. Families of structural domains of P450-containing systems

  6. PRINTS entries for structural domains of P450-containing systems

  7. OMIM entries related to P450-containing systems

  8. MOLSCRIPT images of known 3D structures

  9. The table of age-dependent changes in liver microsomal P450 by Dr. A.L. Sukhodub

  10. A tree of representative P450 sequences (PDF) and legend provided by Osamu Gotoh.

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