Uruguay Course and Symposium on Redox Chemistry and Thiols 2015


Theoretical and Practical Course and Symposium "Redox Chemistry and Biology of Thiols"

23 February - 7 March 2015 Montevideo, Uruguay 

Organisers: Marcelo A. Comini (Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay), Beatriz Alvarez, Gustavo Salinas and Madia Trujillo (Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay)

Requests for information directly to:
Scientific Secretariat Unit
Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
Calle Mataojo 2020
CP 11400, Montevideo
Telephone: +598-25220910
Fax: +598-25224185
E-mail: thiols2015@pasteur.edu.uy

Deadline for receipt of applications by local organisers:
4 December 2014 (Course) and 13 February 2015 (Symposium) 
For information contact the local organisers

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  • To provide an integrated and updated view of physiological thiol-dependent redox processes
  • To incorporate basic chemical and biological concepts
  • To provide knowledge on strategies for exploiting data analysis with the different available software
  • To encourage discussion and positive future collaborations among the participants
  • To serve both those interested in an overview of thiol-mediated processes and those seeking in-depth knowledge

Confirmed speakers

Ruma Banerjee  - University of Michigan, USA
Francisco Cejudo - Universidad de Sevilla, España
Ana Denicola - Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay
Tobias Dick - German Cancer Research Centre, Heilderberg, Germany
Gerardo Ferrer-Sueta - Universidad de la República, Montevideo, Uruguay
Vadim Gladyshev - Harvard Medical School, USA
Andrew Karplus - Oregon State University, USA
Bruno Manta - Institut Pasteur de Montevideo, Uruguay
Luis Soares Netto - Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brasil
Rafael Radi - Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Nicolas Rouhier - Université de Lorraine-INRA, France

Major topics to be addressed

Chemical topics: thiol reactivity, pKa, nucleophilia, electrophilia and leaving group, reduction potential, thiol redox reactions by one and two electrons, formation of thiol derivatives by oxidation, alkylation and nitrosation, the thiol-disulfide exchange reaction.

Biochemical and biological topics: hydrogen sulfide, sulfur amino acid metabolism, functional diversity of cysteines, thiol and selenoproteome, thiol-mediated catalysis, signaling and regulation in physiology and pathology, disulfides formation and isomerization in oxidative protein folding pathways, chemical biology of iron and sulfur, thiol biosensors for monitoring redox changes in cells, tissues and organisms, bioinformatic approaches to thiol function, thiol-dependent redox metabolism of pathogens: examples of lineage-unique pathways as pharmacological targets.


Deadline for Course applications: 4 December 2014
Deadline for Symposium registrations: 13 February 2014


Course Programme 23 February - 5 March 2015

Symposium Programme 6 - 7 March 2015

Meeting Announcement



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