Trinidad and Tobago VEME Bioinformatics 2015


20th International BioInformatics Workshop on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemiology (VEME)

9 - 14 August 2015 St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago 

Organiser: Christine Carrington (University of the West Indies - UWI, St. Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago)
Co-organisers: Anne-Mieke Vandamme, Philippe Lemey (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium), Marco Salemi, Mattia Prosperi (University of Florida, Gainesville, USA) and Karen E. Nelson (J. Craig Venter Institute, Rockville, USA)

Requests for information directly to:
Christine Carrington
Department of Preclinical Sciences
Faculty of Medical Sciences
University of the West Indies (UWI)
St. Augustine
Trinidad and Tobago
Telephone: +1-868-6452640 ext. 5009, +1-868-6848803
Fax: +1-868-6621873

Deadline for receipt of applications by local organiser: 29 March 2015
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The International Bioinformatics Workshop on VEME workshop is recognized as one of the best international virus bioinformatics courses in the world and has so far been organized in Belgium, Brazil, Finland, Greece, Portugal, the USA, South Africa, The Netherlands, Serbia and Italy.

The workshop will provide 90 participants with intensive training in the mathematical principles and computer applications used in the study virus evolution and for conducting detailed molecular epidemiological investigations. The workshop will include lectures and computer practical session where students will have the opportunity to analyse their own research data. Each student will also present a poster about their research.

The target group are trainee scientists starting their scientific career, i.e. graduate research student, postdoctoral researchers and specialised research technicians (bio informaticians). The workshop teachers will be 24 world-renowned researchers from top international universities and research institutions.  Interaction among participants and teaching staff  is a key element, so the ratio of teachers to students will be maintained at no less than 1:4. A limited number of scholarships will be provided.

Participants will have the opportunity to attend one of the three 4-day modules  and their choice of two of the 6 half-day modules:

Three 4-day modules:

 'Phylogenetic Inference' offers the theoretical background and hands-on experience in phylogenetic analysis for those who have little or no prior expertise in sequence analysis
'Evolutionary Hypothesis Testing' is targeted to participants who are well familiar with alignments and phylogenetic trees and would like to extend their expertise to likelihood and Bayesian inference in phylogenetics, coalescent and phylogeographic analyses ('phylodynamics’)
 'Large Dataset Analysis' will cover the more complex analysis of full genomes, huge datasets of pathogens including Next Generation Sequencing data, and combined analyses of pathogen and host.

Six 1/2-day modules:

 Morning - ‘Large Phylogenies’, ‘Transmission Chain Investigation’ and ‘Molecular Adaptation’
 Afternoon - ‘Visualization of Large Phylogenies with Metadata’, ‘Recombination and Networks’ and ‘Virus Analysis Tools’

Practical sessions in these modules will involve various software packages, including PHYLIP, PAUP*, PHYML, MEGA, PAML or HYPHY, TREE-PUZZLE, SplitsTree, BEAST, MrBayes, Simplot, RDP3, QuRE.


Deadline for receipt of applications extended to: 29 March 2015 



Organisers and teachers

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