Young scientists for a day

Over 50 middle school students and their teachers are greeted by the Director General on a recent visit to the ICGEB labs and conduct an experiment or two..

Early February, despite the snow and rain at the AREA Science Park in Trieste, over 50 intrepid, and possibly aspiring, young scientists from a local middle school, together with their teachers, visit the ICGEB laboratories.

Following a welcome by Prof. Francisco E. Baralle, ICGEB Director-General, the students are accompanied by collaborators from the Molecular Pathology and Plant Bacteriology labs on a visit to the labs and to try their hand at a few, custom-made experiments, including viewing cells through the microscope, extracting DNA and, quite literally, touching and observing bacterial culture on Petri dishes. 

A great opportunity to live and see science first hand.


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The ICGEB labs in Trieste host school visits upon request and actively participate in the "DIFFONDO" (spreading science) project with the Italian Association for Research, Prevention and Cure of disabilities, AIRH, to bring issues and techniques in modern molecular medicine to students in secondary schools.

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