Wellcome Trust UK funds ICGEB Human Papilloma Virus project


The Wellcome Trust UK has awarded a joint grant to ICGEB Trieste and the University of Birmingham, UK.

ICGEB Trieste's Tumour Virology laboratory Group Leader, Dr. Lawrence Banks, and Dr. Sally Roberts, Department of Cancer Studies, at the University of Birmingham, UK have been awarded a grant by the Wellcome Trust UK for a joint project on the study of human papilloma viruses (HPVs).

The grant, for a total of Euro 400,000 over three years is to support studies on the HPV E6 oncoprotein, a critical factor in the ability of the virus to cause cancer. HPVs are the causative agents of cervical cancer, which is the second major cause of cancer related mortality in women worldwide. The studies will aim to understand the molecular mechanisms by which E6 contributes to the viral life cycle and to the development of cancer. This will define the critical steps in viral replicatin and in tumourigenesis, which may ultimately aid prognosis and the development of novel therapeutics.

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