Trieste iGEM Team to fly to Boston

The iGEM team - hosted at ICGEB - move to the final phase of the competition run by MIT

On 1-2 October 2011, at Vrije University, Amsterdam, the European selection of iGEM - international Genetically Engineered Machine competition, took place. Specifically designed for undergraduates, the objective of the competition, organized annually by the Massachussets Institute of Technology (MIT), Boston is to form young students approaching the world of research, and bring them into direct contact with cutting-edge topics in synthetic biology, combining biological, scientific knowledge and engineering skills to give concrete solutions to environmental, health, medical, bioprocessing and industrial issues.

Competitors hail annually from top academic institutes, including Harvard, Caltech, Stanford, Brown, MIT, Cambridge, UCL-London and Imperial College London. Among the 45 Universities (and over 400 students) who participated in the first European phase, the Trieste Team, whose members are enrolled in courses in Functional Genomics, Nueroscience, Medical Biotechnology and Clinical Engineering at the University of Trieste, and who are hosted in the Molecular Medicine and Bacteriology labs at ICGEB Trieste, passed with flying colors.

Their project, Synbiome, developed over the last three months, focuses on artificial communication between the animal and the bacterial world, to explore a new platform for collaboration and production of selected molecules of biological and pharmaceutical interest.

The final phase of iGEM, to be held at MIT, Boston, from 5-7 November 2011, will bring together the top teams from Europe, Asia and the US, including - for the first time - the team from the University of Trieste and ICGEB.

Read more and follow the Trieste iGEM team on their Web site


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