The 22nd Session of the ICGEB Council of Scientific Advisers in Trieste, this week

17-18 May 2016, the CSA Members meet in Trieste to review the science undertaken at the Component, together with the Directors of the New Delhi and Cape Town Components.

The Council of Scientific Advisers (CSA) is composed of fifteen eminent scientists active on the international arena in the fields of Life Sciences of the ICGEB. The members of the Council are elected by the Board of Governors, with the Director-General of ICGEB serving as the Secretary.

The current composition of the CSA comprises two Nobel prize laureates, Sir Richard R. Roberts, Nobel prize for Medicine in 1993, and Harald zur Hausen, Nobel prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2008, and a host of honorable members, eminent scientists from Brazil, Canada, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, the Russian Federation, South Africa, the UR Tanzania, Uruguay and the USA.

The CSA examines the draft work programme and the budget of the Centre and makes recommendations to the Board of Governors. It reviews the implementation of the approved work programme and reports back to the Board; it elaborates on the medium and long-term prospectives of the Centre's programmes and planning, including specialised and new fields of research, and makes recommendations to the Board, and assists the Director-General on all substantive, scientific and technical matters concerning the activities of the Centre.

The CSA holds a regular session once a year, generally alternating the meetings between the three Component laboratories in Trieste, New Delhi and Cape Town.

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