ICGEB at SFSA2016 on Thursday, 8 December 2016, at the Second Round of Parallel Sessions & Science Talks
15:30 - 17:00, CSIR International Convention Centre, Pretoria, SA


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Mauro Giacca MD, PhD - Chair/Moderator
Director-General ICGEB, Trieste, Italy
Head, Molecular Medicine Lab, ICGEB,
Full Professor of Molecular Biology.
Development of novel biotherapeutics for cardiovascular disorders;
molecular biology of HIV-1 infection.

Vasey Nyamu Mwaja, PhD, MKNAS, FRSB
Professor of Crop Physiology and Biostatistics.
Agricultural research, training, extension, marketing and policy.
Crop management with the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation, USA.

Andre Pascal Kengne MD, PhD
South African Medical Research Council
Director, Non-Communicable Disease Unit. Research on chronic
diseases; longitudinal study methodologies; lecturer and mentor
on issues relating to chronic diseases

Tanushri Kaul PhD
ICGEB New Delhi, India
Group Leader, Nutritional Improvement of Crops Lab.
Molecular biology and plant physiology, crop improvement
using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing; gene expression in rice;
mechanisms of DNA replication; genome

Dennis Ndolo Obonyo PhD
ICGEB Cape Town, South Africa
Programme Officer for Biosafety. Biosafety capacity-
enhancement in sub-Saharan Africa; development of genetically
modified (GM) crops and environmental impact.


How do advances in nutritional improvement of staple food
crops have a major impact on the ability to feed growing

What are some practical examples of the way African experts
are enabling regulatory environments for biotechnology that
are both appropriate and internationally compliant?

Why are non-communicable diseases an increasing major
cause of morbidity and mortality in Africa?

What steps is the ICGEB taking to combat non-communicable

Why should these areas be a priority for research on the


The role of biotechnology for African development through
a unique, UN-based, international biotech research institute,
with over 60 Member States, to ignite conversations with
world experts in fundamental fields of biotechnology related
to African development: agricultural biotechnology, the
challenge of communicable and non-communicable diseases,
nutritional improvement of crops, and the regulation of science
and technology.


ICGEB encourages attendance by policy makers, scientists, academics and students. The session aims to raise awareness and promote policies and behaviour compatible with sustainable development; disseminate scientific biotech knowledge and concepts; facilitate exchanges across scientific disciplines; discuss contemporary developments in research; stimulate collaboration, learning and understanding major problems and the solutions being studied and implemented to tackle these.

More information on the SFSA2016 at: http://www.sfsa.co.za/

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