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View excerpts and download the scientific presentations podcast from the Board of Governors' Special Session in June 2012

ICGEB comprises labs across Trieste, Italy, New Delhi, India and Cape Town, South Africa. Macroareas of expertise cover Biotech Transfer, Immunology, Biomedicine, Infectious Diseases, Computational Biology and Plant Biotechnology.

In the ICGEB Research Collection on iTunes U, ICGEB Researchers talk about their current projects.

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Virander Chauhan, Director, ICGEB New Delhi, and Group Leader of the Malaria Laboratory, presents an overview of the current research lines at the Indian Component.

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Lawrence Banks of the Tumour Virology lab, ICGEB Trieste, leads one of the major groups in international research in the field of human papillomavirus, the infective agent causing cervical cancer in humans.

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Vittorio Venturi, Group Leader of the Bacteriology and Plant Bacteriology lab at ICGEB since 1997, has acquired worldwide renown in his field in recent years. He focuses on the study of genetic regulation in bacteria  in response to the environment, including bacterial infection of food plants such as rice and olive. 

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