Open University UK PhD students at ICGEB Trieste

Members of the Open University visit ICGEB Trieste to review the PhD programme

ICGEB Trieste boasts a healthy and collaborative relationship with the Open University UK, which has been awarding degrees on the PhD Course run at the Component since 1999. Overall, the OU has validated 29 per cent of the over 120 PhDs awarded to date to scholars at ICGEB Trieste.

On 14 April 2011, Dr. Jon Golding, Department of Life Sciences, and Vivien Bacigalupo, Head of Research Degree, of the Open University UK, met with the ICGEB Director-General, Prof. Francisco E. Baralle, Research Degree Coordinator for the Open University, Mauro Giacca, Director of ICGEB Trieste, and Oscar Burrone, ICGEB PhD Course Coordinator, and with the students currently enrolled in the PhD Life Sciences programme, to assess the quality of the affiliation partnership.

ICGEB PhD Graduates have originated from across 21 Member States throughout Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

Images from the ICGEB PhD graduation ceremony at Ely, Cambridge, June 2011:


ICGEB PhD graduation ceremony at Ely, Cambridge, 2011ICGEB PhD graduation ceremony at Ely, Cambridge, 2011

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