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From the Molecular Medicine lab this month.

It's been a busy and gratifying month for the Molecular Medicine Group at ICGEB Trieste. On 16 October, an article by Francesca Bortolotti et al, was published in the journal Circulation describing a method for the in vivo selection of cytokines that improve cell engraftment into the heart in normal conditions and after myocardial infarction. This represents a significant step forward in the transplantation of cells into the infarcted heart having significant potential to improve myocardial recovery.

The subject of an Editorial in the same issue, by Hudson and Porello, ("FunSel Mesenchymal Stromal Cells Stay for the Party"), explains how this finding uses one of the "most popular approaches in regenerative therapies for the damaged heart", i.e. the use of bone marrow–derived populations that has "raised the prospect of using cardiac resident populations for heart repair".


Pierluigi Lesizza, Resident in Cardiology, Cardiology Department, University Hospital of Trieste (ASUITS) Trieste, Italy & Visiting Scientist, Molecular Medicine Laboratory, ICGEB Trieste, first author of the paper entitled "Single-Dose Intracardiac Injection of Pro-Regenerative MicroRNAs Improves Cardiac Function After Myocardial Infarction", Circ. Res. has been selected by the Editors as one of the five winners of the 2017 Best Manuscript Awards. 

The article is said to have "met high standards of scientific excellence in terms of novelty, impact, and methodology; it has been widely read online following publication, and represnts some of the very best work published in Circulation Research". Congratulations!!


Further reading:

PubMed: In Vivo Functional Selection Identifies Cardiotrophin-1 as a Cardiac Engraftment Factor for mesenchymal Stromal Cells

Circulation: Original Article


Circulation Research

PubMed: Single-Dose Intracardiac Injection of Pro-Regenerative MicroRNAs Improves Cardiac Function After Myocardial Infarction


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