Trieste, Italy, Joint ICGEB-ICTP-APCTP Workshop on Systems Biology starts today

Today marks the first Joint ICGEB-ICTP-APCTP Workshop on Systems Biology.

Local Organiser, M. Marsili, ICTP, Trieste, together with organisers from D. Segrè from Boston University, S. Levin from Princeton, V. Venturi from ICGEB and P.-J. Kim from KAIST, Republic of Korea bring together 27 leading international experts and over 100 participants from all over the world to attend the workshop ‘Systems Biology and Molecular Economy of Microbial Communities’ organised and co-funded by ICGEB, by The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics ICTP and by the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics APCTP.

Every living cell needs to solve a complex resource allocation problem and microbial cells typically address this task within a spatially structured, variable environment, where a myriad of different cells are concurrently allocating their own resources. Will we ever understand the dynamics of these communities, their diversity and stability?

The Workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in the principles underlying microbial community dynamics and organisation, both from an experimental and a mathematical/computational perspective. Participants will compare different methodologies to better integrate quantitative approaches and data gathering efforts, including the creative use of new mathematical tools, high performance computing algorithms and new ways of integrating experimental measurements and computational models. Understanding the dynamics of microbial communities will play central roles in the future in the field of medicine and agriculture.

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